Larina dacha on the Kinburn spit – “we feed at home”

We bake RYE yeast-free bread according to old traditional recipes, French wheat bread

Good afternoon friends!
How often do we see a miracle? There are undeniable and already realized miracles: the birth of a child, the creation of talented music, paintings and poems …
But there are moments in our everyday life, which we do not pay attention to and we pass by … For example, creating our own bread) Starting with the inception of sourdough and ultimately baking a rye, fragrant bread.
Ten days ago, I met on the Internet with the school of bakers of Svetlana Aristova – Starosvet Bread. Svetlana has an integrated, holistic approach to bread baking. During these free courses, besides the fact that we learned how to bake RYE YEAST-FREE bread according to old traditional recipes, French wheat bread, we also listened to Svetlana’s most interesting lectures on health, psychosomatics, how to build our own business.
I have been trying to learn how to bake real bread for a long time, but all the recipes were either unfinished or not very useful. I remember the bread from childhood and I have something to compare with. And in these courses we were able to learn how to bake bread “like grandma’s”)
You know that I always try to adhere to the “home-style” approach to food in our hotel. And just in this we coincided with the Old World Bread and the creator of the project, Svetlana Aristova. I hope to add homemade rye yeast-free bread to the menu next year))
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