Here you can reboot and be inspired by nature.

Where is Sri Lanka hiding in Ukraine, what place on the country’s map is not inferior to the Swiss landscapes, and where can you see exotic animals without going abroad?

If you are tired of the noise of the house and stay within four walls, you should take a tent and go to reboot to the Kinburn Spit – the Ukrainian Maldives.

Kinburn Spit: 45 kilometers of unspoiled nature

The Kinburn Spit is a piece of nature remote from civilization between the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Black Sea, located 134 kilometers from Kherson.

In fact, this place is not a “scythe”, but a whole peninsula: the scythe itself is a part of it. The length of the peninsula is 45 kilometers, the width is from 4 to 12 kilometers, and the area is 215.6 km2, so it will not be difficult to maintain a social distance with other vacationers here.

The climate on the Kinburn Spit is unique, the air is saturated with iodine, bromine and phytoncides. Local lakes contain useful mud. To get to the best conditions on the peninsula, it is worth arriving between June and the end of September: at this time the temperature, in good weather conditions, warms up to 20-22 degrees Celsius.

Next to the Kinburnskaya Spit there is also the Svyatoslav Beloberezhie National Natural Park and the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve.

How to get to the Kinburn Spit

Those who decide to get to the spit not by car should immediately tune in to a long journey. There are two ways to get to the Kinburn Spit – through the cities of Nikolaev or Kherson.

How to get to the Kinburn Spit via Nikolaev

For those who live in other cities of Ukraine, you should first get to Nikolaev by train. For example, five trains go here from Kiev. One of them is intercity, which is located by the road the least of all: 6 hours 46 minutes.

Next, by minibus or bus, you need to get to Ochakov, and from there – by taxi to the military pier. It is from here that a boat departs, which delivers tourists to the spit. However, it should be borne in mind that the operating mode may vary.

How to get to the Kinburn Spit through Kherson

The Kiev-Kherson intercity train departs from the capital and takes seven and a half hours. So, from the capital, he leaves at 07:14, and arrives in Kherson at 14:48.

From Kherson to the spit can be reached by bus, rented car or hitchhiking.

Where to stay and what to do on the Kinburn Spit

The most interesting housing option on the Kinburn Spit will be a tent, because this is the only way to fully immerse yourself in the nature and atmosphere of this place. It is worth preparing for such a vacation in advance, taking with you, in addition to tents, sleeping bags, clothes, food and fresh water.

If you don’t like this kind of vacation, in the nearest village of Pokrovka there are mini-hotels, bungalows and small cottages, for example, Larina Dacha, where you can stay. Renting a house on the Kinburnskaya Spit will cost from 500 to more than 1,500 hryvnia.

There is definitely something to occupy yourself with. So, you can visit the salt lakes, of which there are about 150 on the Kinburn Spit. Birdwatching enthusiasts can watch birds: here you can see about 300 species, some of them are rare. You can also look into the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve and take a walk.


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