Rest on the Kinburn Spit 2021

Who is suitable for rest on the Kinburn Spit?

Overpopulation of big cities creates an urgent need for a person to travel to uncrowded places with virgin, untouched nature. And the Kinburn Spit became such a place for many.

The tourist area is located between the salty Yagorlitsky Bay and the fresh Dnieper-Bug estuary. It is this unusual location that creates spaces of indescribable beauty with a unique climate. The water here is clean, and the coastal areas are not crowded and well-groomed.

This Black Sea coast is represented by a spacious beach with coniferous plantations and areas of dense deciduous forests. There are beautiful beaches here that are great for children. Therefore, families and large companies often come here.

In addition, the Kinburn Spit is considered a place with good ecology, since there are no industrial facilities and there are practically no transport routes. Most of the peninsula has a virgin, natural appearance, and part of the place belongs to the Black Sea reserve.

These places are rich in an abundance of lakes. The lakes here are both fresh and salty, as well as many salt marshes and swamps. Also a wide variety of birds. For example, during a walk you can see a heron up close, or see a flock of pelicans, ducks, swans, or perhaps you are lucky enough to meet rare pink flamingos.

Rest on the Kinburn Spit is perfect for residents of megacities who want to hide from the bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of pristine nature. But the local landscapes are in no way inferior to foreign tourist zones, but unlike the famous places, it is in this region that you can enjoy solitude and tranquility.

The main attractions of the Kinburn Spit

Rest in this region also requires a cultural program. Many unique natural attractions await you on the Kinburn Spit. What you should pay attention to:

In this picturesque place it is worth taking a walk along the edges and virgin paths of the Volyzhin forest. This forest is a separate area with oak, birch, pine or alder groves. It is believed that these trees were planted many years ago and are a remnant of primeval nature. The forests here are very overgrown and dark, and this creates an indescribable atmosphere of mystery and mysticism!
Another attraction of the Kinburn Spit is the presence of rare pink flamingos. During a pleasant stay, you can observe the beauty of these birds up close.
It is in the village of Pokrovka, Ochakovsky district, Nikolaev region that unique wild orchids bloom. But it is known that this is one of the largest places in Europe where you can see the flowering of these beautiful flowers. This is truly a pleasant aesthetic sight!

Housing options on the Kinburn Spit

Tent camps

In such untouched places by civilization, it is very convenient to relax with the help of camping. After all, you can enjoy the nights in the open air, songs by the fire, contemplate the sunsets and sunrises of this picturesque corner.

There are quite comfortable conditions at such campsites: three balanced meals a day, drinking water supply, comfortable shower rooms and toilets, as well as areas with a cover from the sun and rain. And recently, they organize charging of mobile phones and other electronic devices. Therefore, you will not be cut off from civilized life.

Pensions and recreation centers

More comfortable rest are provided by boarding houses, sitting yards or recreation centers. A sufficient level of comfort and a cozy atmosphere will help you cope in any weather conditions: you can hide from the hot midday sun or contemplate the natural beauty even on rainy days.

In modern tourist centers, you can order organized meals and all kinds of services: providing TV, playgrounds, barbecue facilities, a comfortable bathroom and a kitchen.


Hotels in this region provide the highest level of service to the local tourist. You choose the level of comfort yourself. But, of course, most of the services will require a separate fee.

The hotels have excellent conditions for those who cannot refuse the benefits of civilization. You will have a good signal for mobile communication or the Internet, a comfortable check-in for a car, taxi services, air conditioning.

And this will allow even a very busy metropolitan resident to plunge into a unique natural rhythm without disrupting important work processes. Although the cost of this type of vacation will be above average. But it’s up to you!

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