Kinburn Spit – Recreation centers

Organization of recreation on the Kinburn Spit

Rest on the Kinburn Spit is a great opportunity to enjoy the contemplation of the beauty of the natural reserve. But this region has a completely different rhythm of life – a calm, serene atmosphere against the backdrop of a unique diversity of flora and fauna. In addition, the cleanest beaches, healing lakes and unusual natural attractions are available!

This type of recreation has long been loved by residents of large cities. After all, this excellent solution will go to a region where natural conditions are practically untouched by humans. Contact with primitive nature and contemplation of the life of a unique nature reserve gives a powerful energy charge, a rethinking of the important principles of life and the meanings of life takes place.

But rest in such wild natural places requires a certain comfort. And, as you know, the infrastructure of this region allows you to choose a fairly high level of service.

Recreation centers on the Kinburn Spit

Perhaps the most practical and reliable option for resting on the Kinburn Spit will be the choice of a well-known and proven recreation center.

What are the advantages of resting at tourist centers:

You get the minimum comfort of living, and sometimes a proven recreation center is better than a little-known hotel;
You will be able to continue an exciting vacation even with a significant change in the weather, unlike tent camps, where during the rain you will have to while away the time in tents;
You will have access to all the benefits of civilization and not only on the territory of the base, but if you wish, you can organize excursions to local attractions;
Here you can also order balanced meals and all kinds of services: providing TV, playgrounds, barbecue facilities, a comfortable bathroom and a kitchen.
The owners or administrators of various tourist centers love their guests – tourists who are vacationing for more than one season – they will welcome you as an old friend. This will give you the opportunity to feel “not a stranger” in a new place and spend your vacation relaxed.

Almost all recreation centers post information about themselves on various sites on the Internet. This will help you choose the right housing option at an affordable cost.

Recreation center “Larina Dacha”

The tourist base “Larina Dacha” is an excellent option for recreation. This recreation center is located far from the center of the village, which will make your vacation truly peaceful. You will find balanced meals, comfortable living in a cozy space and complete relaxation in a calm region of the sea coast.

Larina Dacha is a cozy resting place with a high level of comfort. Note also that the base is located a 15-minute walk from the sea. And before the road to the sea, contemplation of the natural beauty of this wonderful place awaits you.

At the recreation center “Larina Dacha” you will find cozy rooms of Economy, Standard and Lux ​​classes. Rooms are provided for the number of people from 2-4 people. You can also rent accommodation in a cottage and a luxury house. You can see real photos with living conditions and room equipment on the database’s website in the section “Prices and photos of rooms”.

The territory of the base is equipped with a large number of trees and bushes, so a pleasant shade in the yard or on the veranda is provided for you. Cozy buildings of this base are located in a picturesque region close to the sea. And the highlight of “Larina Dacha” will be the accessibility to local attractions: the lawn of wild orchids, the famous Volyzhin forest, the famous Pink Lakes and other unique places in the region.

Let us also remind you that it is better to worry about the choice of accommodation in advance, so as not to waste precious time on your vacation in search of the ideal option. We recommend that you read the reviews on the sites, call the owners of the recreation centers and book the option you like. Then you will clearly plan your movements and upon arrival you will enjoy the start of your vacation!

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