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On vacation on the coast of the Kinburn Spit

Travel lovers have long noticed the coast of the Kinburn Spit. This is due to the unique beauty of the local nature. And the overpopulation of big cities creates an urgent need for a person to travel to uncrowded places with virgin, untouched nature. And the Kinburn Spit became such a place for many.

What makes rest on the Kinburn Spit unique?

The residents of our country have long been fond of rest in this attractive place. After all, the nature of Kinburn is truly unique. This Black Sea coast is represented by a spacious beach with coniferous plantations and areas of dense deciduous forests.

Rest on the coast of the Kinburn Spit is a truly unique climate, wide comfortable beaches, and even pink mullet lakes. But the nature of this place is simply mesmerizing!

That is why the Kinburnskaya Spit is one of the most environmentally friendly places in Ukraine, since there are no industrial facilities and there are practically no transport routes.

Most of the peninsula has a virgin, natural appearance, and part of the place belongs to the Black Sea reserve. These places are rich in an abundance of lakes. The lakes here are both fresh and salty, as well as many salt marshes and swamps. Also a wide variety of birds. For example, during a walk you can see a heron up close, or see a flock of pelicans, ducks, swans, or perhaps you are lucky enough to meet rare pink flamingos.

Accommodation on the Kinburn Spit

All the same, the infrastructure of the coast is poorly developed and you will not see a wide variety of hotels and recreation centers. For this reason, it is worth considering the place of stay in advance. Although finding accommodation options upon arrival will not be a problem. Administrators of tourist bases warmly welcome everyone at any time of the day!

The most popular holiday rental options in this region will be hotels, holiday centers or private sectors.

If you choose to rent a private sector, then you should familiarize yourself with the living conditions in advance. After all, living in the private sector can have its own nuances that will ruin the long-awaited vacation. On the Internet, you can find contacts of all residents of this region who want to receive tourists. You can call and clarify all the points in advance.

But rest in a hotel can prevent you from enjoying the privacy and tranquility of this place. Indeed, in hotels, noise among vacationers is practically not controlled. By purchasing a room, tourists can afford a rather noisy rest. And the cost of most of the comfort services will be paid and your vacation will be higher than the average cost.

Therefore, our recommendation is to rent accommodation in a proven recreation center.

Cozy and comfortable “Larina Dacha”

An excellent option for recreation on the coast of the Kinburn Spit is the tourist base “Larina Dacha”. The base is located in the village of Pokrovka, which is the center of the infrastructure of the entire peninsula. It is from this place that you can get to all the fascinating sights of this region.

The tourist base is located in a cozy and calm region of the village of Pokrovka. When renting, a balanced meal is provided, accommodation with a high level of comfort, depending on the chosen room, and complete relaxation in a calm region of the sea coast.

Larina Dacha is a cozy resting place with a high level of comfort. Note also that the base is located a 15-minute walk from the sea. And on the way to the sea, contemplation of the natural beauty of this wonderful place awaits you.

At the recreation center “Larina Dacha” you will find cozy rooms of Economy, Standard and Lux ​​classes. Rooms are provided for the number of people from 2-4 people. You can also rent accommodation in a cottage and a luxury house. You can see real photos with living conditions and room equipment on the database’s website in the section “Prices and photos of rooms”.

It will be an unforgettable vacation for you and your loved ones also because of the fabulously beautiful atmosphere of the inn area:

Every day you will contemplate the unforgettable landscapes and beauty of the local nature. But the locals noticed that the climate of this region is characterized by high humidity. That is why you can enjoy the contemplation of a riot of flowers, trees and shrubs.
The administrators of our base will help you organize many excursion trips. This is Volyzhin forest, and Pink Lakes, and meadows of wild orchids! Your vacation can be filled with unforgettable walks through the regions of untouched nature!
There are many medicinal herbs growing in our region! They enrich the air with useful elements, so it will be extremely easy for you to breathe! In addition, during leisurely walks, you can stock up on the necessary herbal fences.

The caring staff of Larina Dacha is looking forward to your arrival!

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