Kinburn Spit housing

How to find accommodation on the Kinburn Spit?

When planning a vacation on the Kinburn Spit, an experienced tourist understands that living in such a wild natural place requires a certain comfort. And although the infrastructure of the reserve is practically undeveloped, the thorough conditions of comfort will destroy the pristine nature of this picturesque corner. But still, the owners of tourist complexes can offer a variety of types of recreation with different levels of comfort.

An important advantage of this tourist region will be the small number of tourists. And the local population lives remotely from each other only in residential areas. Therefore, rest on the Kinburn Spit will be quiet, calm and peaceful. Here you can easily plunge into the natural harmony of the local beauties.

But in order not to spoil your vacation by looking for an overnight stay, you should take care of comfortable accommodation in this unique natural corner in advance. After all, you do not want, like Robinson Crusoe, to make fire and build a hut?

Housing options on the Kinburn Spit

Tent camps

For lovers of life in the most natural conditions, tent camps are organized on this territory. And of course, this type of recreation has a lot of undeniable advantages. These are nights in the open air, and soulful songs by the fire, and indescribable sunsets and sunrises of this picturesque corner of our country.

Here you will be in the company of like-minded people who, like you, will enjoy the beautiful nature reserves, the cleanest beaches and incredible views of the sea coast.

At the same time, at most of the campsites, it is possible to have three balanced meals a day, providing drinking water, comfortable shower rooms and toilets, as well as areas with a cover from the sun and rain. Recently, the organizers of such bases provide charging of mobile phones and other electronic devices. Therefore, you will not be cut off from civilized life.

The tent bases organize group and individual arrivals, so you can relax in the company of friends or relatives. Or you can come yourself, and believe that you will make new acquaintances!

But an important drawback is the fact that most tourists do not perceive this type of tourism as a full-fledged rest. But here, as they say, everyone has their own truth.

Pensions and recreation centers

 A more comfortable and predictable vacation can be organized by living in boarding houses, living rooms or recreation centers. After all, if bad weather catches you – rain and lower temperatures are also possible, then you can continue your comfortable rest in cozy rooms of modern recreation centers.

Taking advantage of the possibilities of civilization, you can travel to different parts of the nature reserve. And the locals will tell you how to walk to the unique natural attractions.

In addition, in modern boarding houses it is easy to hide from the hot midday sun. You can enjoy relaxing on summer terraces and verandas. And weather changes will not interfere with your vacation, but will provide an opportunity to contemplate the natural beauty even on rainy days. Here you can also order organized meals and all kinds of services: providing TV, playgrounds, barbecue facilities, a comfortable bathroom and a kitchen.


Hotels in this region provide the highest level of service to the local tourist. You choose the level of comfort yourself. But, of course, most of the services will require a separate fee.

But the hotel owners have organized excellent conditions for those who cannot refuse the benefits of civilization. For example, a good signal for mobile communication or the Internet, a comfortable check-in for a car and a practical parking lot, taxi services, air conditioning.

This allows even a very busy metropolitan resident to plunge into a unique natural rhythm without disrupting important work processes. Although the cost of this type of vacation will be above average. But it’s up to you!

Recreation center “Larina Dacha”

Today we offer you a comfortable stay with affordable prices at proven recreation centers. One of the famous and demanded recreation centers is “Larina Dacha”. The base administrators will offer an excellent option for you and your loved ones.

This recreation center is located far from the center of the village, which will make your vacation truly peaceful. You will find balanced meals, comfortable living in a cozy space and complete relaxation in a calm region of the sea coast.

The recreation center “Larina Dacha” will present to your attention cozy rooms of Economy, Standard and Lux ​​classes. Rooms are designed for 2-4 people. You can also rent accommodation in a cottage and a luxury house. You can familiarize yourself with the living conditions, and see the photos of the offered rooms on the website of the base in the section “Prices and photos of rooms”.

The territory of the base is equipped with a large number of trees and bushes, so a pleasant shade in the yard or on the veranda is provided for you. Cozy buildings of this base are located in a picturesque region close to the sea. And the highlight of “Larina Dacha” will be the accessibility to local attractions: the lawn of wild orchids, the famous Volyzhin forest, the famous Pink Lakes and other unique places in the region.

Let us also remind you that it is better to worry about the choice of accommodation in advance, so as not to waste precious time on your vacation in search of the ideal option. We recommend that you read the reviews on the sites, call the owners of the recreation centers and book the option you like. Then you will clearly plan your movements and upon arrival you will enjoy the start of your vacation!

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