Kinburn Spit hotels

We have a rest on Kinburnskaya Spit: hotel options

The Kinburn Spit is a small piece of land, 45 kilometers long. The spit is located between the Yagorlitsky Bay and the Dnieper-Bug Liman. Geographically, the spit is located in the Nikolaev and Kherson regions.

We can say that the Kinburn Spit is a long cape. It is interesting that in its width it can reach several meters (this is the narrowest part of it), and it can be about 10 kilometers wide. The cape is rich in coniferous forests, steppe vegetation and salt lakes.

This vacation is certainly perfect for connoisseurs of the beauty of the nature of our country. But while resting in such a primitive place, it is worth worrying about housing in advance.

Housing on the Kinburn Spit

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, at the moment there are very few hotels and recreation centers on the coast of the spit. Therefore, you should think about the place of stay in advance. Although renting a house on the Kinburn Spit will not be problematic.

Comfortable hotels will be the most popular accommodation options during your vacation. This will be the highest level of comfort, taking into account the fact that on this coast they are trying to preserve the pristine nature.

It is the rest at the hotel that will allow you to enjoy the privacy and tranquility. After all, we all know: how can you be unlucky with your neighbors if you choose, for example, living in the private sector.

Of course, it is best to rent a property in a trusted location. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the accommodation options in advance: view hotel options, read reviews of different hotels, and possibly call the administration of the selected hotel. By booking a hotel in advance, you will save time, money and hassle!

Wonderful hotel “Larina Dacha”

The hotel “Larina Dacha” will be a great option for you and your loved ones!

This hotel is located far from the center of the village, which will make your stay truly peaceful. A varied menu, balanced meals, comfortable living in a cozy space and complete relaxation in a calm seaside region await you.

In the hotel “Larina Dacha” you will find cozy rooms of Economy, Standard and Lux ​​classes. Rooms are designed for 2-4 people. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary amenities. The rooms are spacious and accommodate comfortable furniture sets. All photos and descriptions of living conditions you can see on our website in the section “Prices and photos of rooms”.

It will be an unforgettable vacation for you and your loved ones also because of the fabulously beautiful atmosphere of the hotel area:

Every day you will observe the beautiful landscapes and the beauty of the primeval nature. But our regular tourists have noticed that the climate of this region is characterized by high humidity. That is why you can enjoy the contemplation of a riot of flowers, trees and shrubs.
From our hotel you can organize many excursion trips. This is Volyzhin forest, and Pink Lakes, and meadows of wild orchids! Your vacation can be filled with unforgettable walks through the regions of untouched nature!
There are many medicinal herbs growing in our region! They enrich the air with useful elements, so it will be extremely easy for you to breathe! In addition, during leisurely walks, you can stock up on the necessary herbs.

The caring staff of our hotel is looking forward to your arrival!

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