Kinburn Spit – the best vacation

The Kinburnskaya Spit is a 45 km long land area, which is located territorially between the Yagorlitsky Bay and the Dnieper-Bug Liman. On a part of the peninsula, there is a national natural park called “Beloberezhye Svyatoslav”. The territory of the spit falls on the Nikolaev and Kherson regions.

That is, the Kinburn Spit is a long cape, which in its width can reach several meters (this is its narrowest part), and can be about 10 kilometers wide. The cape is rich in coniferous forests, steppe vegetation and salt lakes.

Of course, rest on the Kinburn Spit is perfect for connoisseurs of the pristine beauty of nature and lovers of a quiet secluded pastime.

Natural area of ​​the Kinburn Spit

This peninsula is washed by the Dnieper-Bug estuary, the Yagorlitsky bay and the Black Sea. There are beautiful beaches here: sandy and with a gentle entrance to the sea, which is very convenient for children. Part of the beach area is completely “wild”, but there is also a part of the beach equipped with civilization: with cafes and entertainment events.

Salt lakes attract a lot of tourists’ attention. The water in them is unusually pink. They acquire this color thanks to algae, which secrete this pigment. And the medicinal properties of the lakes have long been known.

History of this land

This region has a long history. According to research, the ancient Greeks and Scythians were the first to live here. In his writings, Herodotus mentions this wonderful land and calls it Borisfenade or “land under a dense forest.” On this territory there was a well-known route “from the Varangians to the Greeks”, that is, the route from the Baltic to Byzantium.

And the spit got its name back in the 15th century, when the Turks built the Kilburun fortress. Unfortunately, the fortress has not survived to this day. During the military events of the Crimean War, the fortress was irretrievably destroyed.

But to this day, some sights have survived that can “tell” about different historical periods in the life of the peninsula. This, for example, is the Cossack cross of Ataman Sidor Bely. Or the remains of a destroyed Turkish fortress, and next to it is a monument to A.V. Suvorov.

Attractions of the Kinburn Spit

Any vacation requires a cultural program. What sights can you visit on the Kinburn Spit? Note that the Kinburn Spit is rich in wonderful natural areas.

Pink lakes

Not far from the village of Geroiskoe, Kherson region, there are the famous pink lakes. Certain algae color these lakes, releasing the desired pigment. Of course, the color saturation of each lake is different. The color range ranges from pink to orange. There are also pale pink salt mines. And some have a noticeable bright color. Pink lakes are a favorite place for tourists! Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this unique natural wonder!

Volyzhin forest

In such a picturesque place, the Volyzhin forest will be the main attraction. This forest is considered a remnant of the ancient country of Gilea. According to history, there used to be a dense forest on the site of the spit. Therefore, individual areas with groves of oaks, birches, pines or alders are a remnant of primitive nature.

Long-standing legends point to a certain “green oak”, which was mentioned by A.S. Pushkin in his poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. Who knows: perhaps the “Pushkin Lukomorye” was in this region? On old maps, these places were marked as Lukomorye, and in the descriptions it is noted that the Lukomorsk Polovtsy lived here. Truly fabulous land!

Wild Orchid Field

And the most, perhaps, a wonderful attraction will be the flowering of wild orchids. They grow near the village of Pokrovka. This is one of the largest places in Europe to see these beautiful flowers bloom. They bloom in May. Enjoy the aesthetics of the beauty of nature!

Jungle of Kinburn

The peculiarity of the local forests is an unusual climate. Due to the high humidity and hot sun, plants and trees grow very quickly. Therefore, the forests look very overgrown. The humid swampy forests, which locals call “sagas”, are in no way inferior to the jungle of the Amazon. Abundant thickets of ferns and other marsh plants create an indescribable atmosphere of mystery and mysticism!

Healing herbs

Volyzhin forest is rich in a variety of vegetation, including medicinal herbs. And thanks to the miraculous plants – thyme, mint, chamomile and St. John’s wort – on the peninsula you will feel the incredible freshness of the air. In addition, the spit has a unique microclimate: phytoncides and sea salt enhance the health-improving effect of outdoor recreation.

And in autumn and spring, mushroom pickers can enjoy their favorite pastime. Boletus and porcini mushrooms grow especially well here.

Observing the animal world

The Kinburn Spit is diverse in its unusual fauna. Among them are flocks of cranes, huge eagles, unusual pelicans, steppe wolves, wild boars, jerboas and wild horses.

In general, Kinburn is rich in a huge variety of birds. There are separate tourist excursions to explore the birdlife of Kinburn.

The inhabitants of the aquatic world are also interesting: the waters are rich in mussels, rapa beans and shrimps. You will meet jellyfish and anemones, and perhaps even meet local dolphins. And for fishermen in the estuary, it is great to catch mullet, crucian carp and gobies.

Another attraction of the Kinburn Spit is the presence of rare pink flamingos. These birds delight with their gracefulness. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy watching them!


The swimming season starts from mid-May and closes at the end of September. Due to the shallow coastal waters, the sea warms up quickly and therefore you can have a great rest already in May. The weather is hotter in June. But in early July, there may be a cold front: the rains can drag on for a week. August is the hottest month. And in September there is a real “velvet season” – the sea is still warm, but there is no sweltering heat.

How to get to the Kinburn Spit?

If your transport is a car

Unfortunately or fortunately, but the asphalt road ends near the village of Geroyskoye. Therefore, it should be understood that getting to the spit is possible only in a good SUV.

If this is your case, then we hasten to please that along the way you will see something that will be inaccessible to an ordinary tourist, namely:

watch the mouth of the Dnieper;
go to the highest lighthouse in Ukraine – the hyperboloid Anzhigolsky lighthouse;
visit the embankment in Golaya Pristan;
go to the village of Staraya Zburyevka, where John Paul Jones (hero of the US Navy) was baptized;
see a sand pit.
If your transport is a bus

There is a bus from Kherson to Olesheki, which will take you to Golaya Pristan. Its final path will be the village of Geroiskoe.

There is also another option: by bus from Nikolaev or Odessa to get to Ochakov, and then by boat to get to the Kinburnskaya Spit.

If you want to get there by ferry

To cross from the mainland, you need to use a boat or launch. From Ochakov, a boat regularly departs from berth No. 340, the cost is 100 UAH. The boat makes a flight to the spit and back 2 times a day: 7.00 – 8.00, 15.00 – 16.00. But it is better to check the relevance of this information in advance.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to organize a comfortable and eventful vacation on the Kinburn Spit! It will be an unforgettable vacation for body and soul! All lovers of the pristine beauty of nature should visit this land!

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