Ukrainian Maldives

How much is a vacation on the Kinburn Spit

Inspiration should be sought in beautiful places. One of such which is called the Ukrainian Maldives is the Kinburn braid in Nikolayevshchina. The area simply amazes with white sand and perfectly transparent sea. You can get there by boat and the trip will be quite inexpensive. Our journalists found out about all the prices.

Perfectly transparent sea, white sand, ancient forest, endless steppe, many birds on the Kinburn Spit, in the Nikolaev region. Here the tourist is, almost in the pristine world, the highlight of the holiday is a long sea beach, 22 kilometers long.

“This sand, the element, the space – is captivating. I admire “- the tourist from Nikolaev.

To get to the spit you need endurance. 70 kilometers from Nikolaev to Ochakov, the tourist can overcome by the bus only for 50 hryvnias, then 40 minutes by the boat. 70 UAH the boat carries tourists, summer residents and locals loaded with purchases from the city market. An all-terrain bus is waiting on the shore, transporting people to local farms.

“Huge wheels, military equipment. An ordinary car will not pass there ”- a tourist from Odessa.

Less extreme travel is offered from July. Recently, a new route was presented. The boat on hydrofoils to carry locals and tourists from Nikolaev and Kherson. Kinburn Spit can be reached in two hours without transfers, paying 150 hryvnia.

“It has always been a big problem to get to Kinburn Spit. It happened that on the first boat which departed from Ochakov, from Nikolaev, the first bus, people didn’t have time for this boat. And half a day was lost. Of course, it wasn’t convenient “- the inhabitant of Nikolaev.

The cost of vacation on the Black Sea

For rest by the sea in a room without conveniences it is necessary to pay 150 hryvnias a day. In the house with hot water and air conditioning – 300 UAH. There are also comfortable hotels, where a day costs from 800 to 2000 UAH. Tatiana, for the first time came to the spit for rest. Here she liked the comfort and beauty of nature, the woman bought a house, and now she receives tourists.

“If he liked it and fell in love with it for the first time, he will come here all his life. And these are people, a little adventurous. They understand the complexity of getting there, they still come here, and admire, and live, walk barefoot “- Tatiana Larina, owner of the recreation center Larina Dacha.

Kinburn Spit is a nature reserve, around flowering sandy snowdrifts and in swampy sagas mighty pines, rare birch-Dnieper and fern, especially interesting National Nature Park – “Svyatoslav’s White Coast”. They take me here on excursions.

“It’s a pedunculate oak, but its peculiarity is that it grows on the Kinburn Spit from one root, grows several shoots, trunks.”

For those who like to watch birds, two towers were erected. There are hundreds of species: white-tailed eagles, waders, herons, hawks, pelicans.

“We called this ecological trail Restored Paradise. It is interesting for people who know birds, because there are more than 70 species of birds here “- Deputy Director of the National Nature Park” Svyatoslav Beloberezhye “.

The sand hills have interested extreme athletes who come from different parts of Ukraine, for the sake of a 50-kilometer cross-country on sand in the heat.

“They always run on the asphalt, on the highway. It is even difficult to walk on sands, not to mention to run “- the sportswoman

As recently as 30 years ago, Kinburn was closed to tourists, a border area. The inhabitants of the hamlets formed their culture and customs. Therefore, in addition to wildlife, tourists will be surprised by the local ear according to the original recipe, or homemade liqueur and kvass.

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