Travel along the Kinburn Spit in Nikolaev

Pink salt lakes, clear sea and mild climate – all this attracts tourists to the Kinburn Spit. And right at the entrance to the oblique, our travelers were surprised and such that they had to change the car. Is the journey worth the effort?

Rest on Kinburn on the Black Sea coast

Usually they get to the Kinburn Peninsula by boat from Ochakov – this is the easiest option. But we are not looking for easy ways, so we decided to get there by car. We are in the village of Geroiskoye, where the asphalt ends and the Kinburnskoye off-road begins. But our front-wheel drive car will not pass on it, so we have to take out a real SUV. Our driver says that this summer we are not the first desperate ones who want to break into the spit.

“Jeeps are passing by, but there are cars. There is the best place for rest in Ukraine “

But it’s worth going there.

And here is the first proof – salt mines. The Chumaks were still mining salt here. First they went here, and then to the Crimea. Here you can see four-meter mountains of salt. The landscape from a bird’s eye view is simply incredible – a cascade of lakes in which real iodized salt is born from sea water. In local slang, salt is planted in early May and harvested in the fall.

Let’s go further. A real safari trophy. Here, the roads change every day. Today you can drive on it, but not tomorrow. And in a moment we see those who have not overcome the local sands. We cover 20 kilometers to Pokrovka in an hour and a half. In the center of the village you can find food and drink, for example, in the recreation center – Larina Dacha. It’s amazing how you can pay with a card here in such a remote area.

Housing prices on the Kinburn Spit

Housing prices on the Kinburn Spit start at UAH 150 per person per day. This is if the facilities are on the street. More comfortable – higher price. But there is one caveat. It is difficult to find accommodation here for a couple of days. Because, they come to rest for a long time, at least a week. For example, a triple room with a refrigerator, TV, kettle, air conditioning, shower, toilet costs from 2000 to 2500 hryvnia. The most popular type of accommodation, which I have not seen before, is with three meals a day. It is very important to deliver products on the spit.

The spit quarantine had a positive effect. Since May, there have been more tourists than ever. The advantage, not everyone will get here, which is why real self-isolation is obtained.

“Even in winter we planned to come here and booked a vacation. It is never boring here – the sea, dolphins. No Internet. Maximum attention for children ”- a tourist.

We overcome the last one and a half kilometers to the open sea.

“This is the open Black Sea already. There are sunken ships three hundred meters from the coast. Divers arrive. Going down “

On Kinburn, in special places, you can set up tents. And also get to the cape, where salt water from the sea meets fresh water from the Dnieper Bay.

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