Rest on Kinburnskaya Spit – recreation centers

Many residents of our country have heard a lot about the beauty of the Kinburn Spit. Its vast beaches and wildness of nature make it possible to enjoy solitude, tranquility and contemplation of beauty.

The traveler should not worry, because the rest will really turn out to be excellent!

But what about ensuring the comfort of relaxation in such a primitive natural place?

Housing on the Kinburn Spit

At the moment, there is not a large assortment of hotels and recreation centers on the coast of the Kinburn Spit. Therefore, you should think about the place of stay in advance. Although renting a house on the Kinburskaya Spit will not be problematic. Here it is rather worth making the right choice regarding the accommodation option.

The most popular vacation rental options are hotels, holiday camps or the private sector. But there are cases when by renting a private sector, a traveler unknowingly spoiled his vacation. After all, you do not know what “surprises” await you from certain guests. And photos from the Internet may be uninformative or not at all true. And staying at the hotel will not allow you to enjoy solitude and tranquility. After all, we all know: how can you be unlucky with your neighbors.

Therefore, our advice: rent accommodation in a proven recreation center. By booking it in advance, you will save time, money and nerves!

The recreation center is a great option for staying in Kinburn!

You can also rent an apartment in Kinburn upon arrival. But the vacationer spends precious time of his vacation in search of the ideal accommodation option. Still, it would be prudent to worry about this in advance. Read reviews on websites, call the owners of recreation centers, or, finally, make a small advance payment, then you will plan your movements and be able to change housing if you receive inaccurate information.

“Larina Dacha” is a wonderful option for you and your loved ones.

This recreation center is located far from the center of the village, which will make your vacation truly peaceful. You will find balanced meals, comfortable living in a cozy space and complete relaxation in a calm region of the sea coast.

The recreation center “Larina Dacha” will present to your attention cozy rooms of Economy, Standard and Lux ​​classes. Rooms are designed for 2-4 people. You can also rent housing in a cottage and a luxury house. All photos and descriptions of living conditions you can see on our website in the section “Prices and photos of rooms”.

Rest at the Larina Dacha camp is not only the sea!

Resting on the territory of our base, we want to tell you WHAT you will see on the way to the beach area!

  1. On the way to the sea, you will be accompanied by picturesque landscapes and groves of trees. Note that the Kinburn Spit has unique climatic conditions: high humidity and scorching sun promotes the growth of vegetation. Therefore, the forests in our area are very dense. Rather, they resemble a jungle. You can even visit the famous Volyzhin forest.
  2. It is in the village of Pokrovka, where our recreation center is located, that we can observe glades with wild orchids. Note that this is one of the largest places in Europe where you can see the flowering of these plants. Enjoy the aesthetics of the beauty of nature!
  3. You can also visit small salt water lakes. Swimming in these lakes and rubbing with healing mud has an excellent effect in the treatment of osteochondrosis. Therefore, resting with us, you can also improve your health!
    A separate asset will be our hospitable and friendly cat!

We are looking forward to your visit!

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