In the footsteps of ancient civilizations Kinburnskaya Spit, Tendrovskaya Spit and Lake Solonets-Tuzly (Solonchak)

Tendra Spit is Mecca for lovers of wild beaches

Even today, there are completely untouched places on our planet, one might say natural oases, where it is not so easy to get to. One of these places is the Tendra Spit or, in addition to the main name, they often use an abbreviated name – Tendra.

The ancient name of the spit is Achilles Run. Scientists suggest that the Sarmatians and Scythian peoples once lived in this place.

In honor of Achilles, the inhabitants of the ancient city of Olbia held sports games on the Tendra Achilles. They were organized once every several years, the competitions included various gymnastic exercises and running on the sand. The date of the Achilles was determined according to the lunar calendar.

On the western coast of the Tendra Spit, there was once the sanctuary of Achilles. In 1824, Lieutenant Commander of Crete, who served on the Serpent Island, took part in the construction of the Tendra lighthouse. He became interested in an unusual hill for these places. As a result of excavations, more than eight hundred Greek, Bosporan, Thracian and Roman coins were found here, as well as antique ceramics, marble slabs with dedicatory texts and much more. Obviously, these donations in gratitude for the safe voyage were left by sailors in the sanctuary of Achilles.

The places here are beautiful and relatively deserted, the sea is very clean, you can see dolphins and even Black Sea rays. First of all, tourists are attracted by wild and clean beaches. The local landscape is very reminiscent of the shores of the Caribbean Gulf. Lakes, of which there are six on the spit, amaze with their beauty. In addition to contemplating nature and swimming in the sea, you can watch living creatures. A rare tourist arrives without a photo of the Tendrovskaya Spit where there are wild horses. After all, there are not so many places left on earth where this animal lives in its natural environment.

In 1827, to coordinate the movement of ships at night, a lighthouse with a height of 30 meters was built on the island. Despite its turbulent history and venerable age, the lighthouse has retained its original appearance. It functions now, albeit with modern equipment.

Lagoons deserve special attention – shallow parts of the sea. They are located all over the island and are distinguished by extremely clear waters. The greatest delight in Tendra is the sea and the endless horizon that surrounds you from all sides, wherever you look. What to do on the island, you ask, we will answer you – to look closely at the wild primeval nature; swim in the blue waters of the Black Sea; admire the endless horizon; try to see dolphins; look for Black Sea rapans; enjoy deserted, free, and, importantly, clean beaches, etc.

Now let’s summarize!

Tendra is a real wild island at the end of the world, closed from people and relatively close to Odessa. In ancient times, the Tendrovskaya Spit was a single whole with the Dzharylgach Island. This is a 65 km long closed nature reserve and ordinary tourists are not allowed to enter most of the island. An exception is the northern part of the Spit, just a couple of kilometers of the coastline to the lighthouse, which can be reached by boat.

What can you see there?

Azure sea, dolphins, flounders and rays, pelicans, beaches dotted with huge rapa shells and clouds, as if descended from the paintings of Aivazovsky, wild horses, an ancient lighthouse (it has been working since 1827), the cleanest sea in Ukraine and the longest sandy beach in Ukraine!!!
There are herons, pelicans, cormorants, eiders, fat and heavy wild geese, bustards, gull and another 343 species, two thirds of which are listed in the Red Book.

Kinburn Spit

The Kinburn Spit is an amazing and harmonious combination of pine forests, wide steppes, the cleanest sea and fresh transparent air, which is filled with an amazing aroma of steppe herbs. At the same time, the Kinburn Spit is wide sandy beaches, covered with fine white sand, where complete silence, tranquility, tranquility and complete unity with nature reign. On Kinburn you will not find noisy discos, amusement parks, etc., but here you can see a lot of other, no less interesting: for example, flocks of egrets, pelicans, swans and ducks. And if you are very lucky, you will also see pink flamingos.

History and legends of the Kinburn region

The geographic position of the Kinburn Spit influenced its importance in history, since the route “from the Varangians to the Greeks” passed by it. According to some historians, during the reign of the prince of Kievan Rus Svyatoslav on the island of Berezan, which is located next to the Kinburn Spit, merchant ships stopped, which still had a long journey across the Black Sea. At that time, the island of Berezan had other names – the Greek “Borisfenida”, the Old Russian “White Coast”, the Ukrainian “Biloberezhzha”. The trade route “from the Varangians to the Greeks”, which passed through this area, connected the Scandinavian and Baltic countries with the southern part of Kievan Rus and the Byzantine Empire. Crafts, bread, furs, silver in coins, wax, honey, amber, weapons were brought from Scandinavia and the Baltic to Byzantium. Spices, wines, expensive fabrics, fruits, jewelry were transported in the opposite direction. From Kiev to Constantinople it was necessary to overcome the path in 30-40 days. Merchant ships stopped on the island of Khortitsa on the Dnieper or at its mouth on the island of Berezan. When Prince Svyatoslav was returning from his last campaign from Byzantium, he spent the winter on the islands of the Beloberezhye.

In addition to this story, there are many more unusual and beautiful legends that are associated with the Kinburn Spit.

In some legends, you can read the story of the great naval victory of Achilles, who, in honor of his victory, decided to arrange athletic games on the Kinburn Spit. In another story, we are talking about daring Amazons living in this territory according to the laws of matriarchy. They sacrificed captive handsome men to their gods. Another legend says that the majestic temple of Demeter, the goddess of fertility and agriculture, stood on the territory of Kinburn for many centuries.

Those who have seen the sagas of the Volzhinsky forest can believe in another legend, which says that the sacred grove of Hecate, the goddess of the Moon, sorcerers and ghosts, once rustled here with its foliage.

But the most intriguing belief is the following – the Scythian people sincerely believed that this area was sacred, and hid their main treasure here – Scythian gold.

Lake Solonets – Tuzly (Solonchak)

The salt content of the reservoir is at least 70%. In the summer, it can dry out completely. During such periods, the place is popular among lovers of mud therapy. Despite the fact that the shore and the bottom are covered with a continuous layer of salt, water (brine) can be found in small pits. From there, it is relatively easy to pick up the medicinal composition, the beneficial properties of which have been officially confirmed by scientists and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Lake Solonets-Tuzly is very popular among the majority of holidaymakers who have come here for the purpose of recovery. In fact, it is included in the protected area, along with the Berezansky and Tiligulsky estuaries.

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