Housing on the Black Sea – Kinburn Spit

Tired of the rich rhythm of life, everyday problems and worries, people are increasingly looking for peace, tranquility and unity with nature. It is this kind of recreation that prevails on the notorious Kinburn Spit, about the beauty of which legends compose and write fascinating stories. Many people wonder where to stay on the Kinburn Spit for a seasonal vacation. The recreation center “Larina Dacha” is an excellent housing option on the Black Sea!

Kinburn Spit: Housing on the Black Sea

Kinburn Spit, the length of which is more than 40 km, is located at the junction of the Kherson and Nikolaev regions. The shores of the peninsula are washed by three reservoirs: the Black Sea in the west, the Dnieper-Bug estuary in the north and the Yagorlytsky bay in the south. The main feature of this picturesque region is the pristine beauty of nature. Kinburn Spit surprises with a rich and diverse fauna and flora. Most of the animals and birds living on the peninsula are listed in the Red Book. Wild orchids and pretty wildflowers grow in the meadows.

A fresh sea breeze will enhance the health of every person who has visited the peninsula. Walking along the long sandy beaches gives the rest a special charm and romance. Locals cherish the natural beauty of the peninsula, so on Kinburn Spit you can not find large hotels and hotel complexes. There are no sanatoriums and boarding houses. Where to stay at Kinburn? Housing on the Black Sea, in particular on the territory of the Kinburn Spit, is represented by small recreation centers and private houses. Since there are not so many places, you need to take care of the rest on the spit in advance – book a room or a house in Larina Dacha right now!

The benefits of relaxing at Larina Dacha

“Larina Dacha” is a relatively small, but incredibly comfortable, convenient and atmospheric recreation center. Remoteness from the sea – a 20-minute walk along a picturesque birch grove, fields with herbs and wild orchids.

Comfortable and equipped with the necessary appliances and other household details, rooms are waiting for guests! Attention guests are offered rooms of the Standard and Economy categories, detached houses, luxury cottages. You can specify prices for housing on the Black Sea for 2020 directly on the site of the recreation center or by calling the indicated contact phone numbers. The recreation center “Larina Dacha” is a comfortable accommodation, tasty and varied food, an interesting program, a special atmosphere. Once having visited us, you come to come again – we are glad to each guest!



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