Rest on the Kinburn Spit

How to have a good vacation, rest on the Kinburn Spit. Summer is in full swing, many go to Kinburn. Sea water, beach, sun loungers, cocktails, ice cream, etc. How to diversify your beach vacation and make it memorable.

We stayed in the village of Pokrovka – recreation center Larina Dacha

Hiking excursions to the Herodotus Forest, the remains of the ancient forests of Gilea. This is how the entire peninsula used to be.

Holy Protection Church. Located in the center of the village of Pokrovka. 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the consecration. A significant place with an interesting history.

Walks in the pine forest. We walk for a couple of hours, the effect is colossal. The pine forest gives off phytoncides (volatile substances), they make the air clean and healthy.

Mud lakes. At one time they were discovered by the inhabitants of Kinburn themselves.

Horseback riding, about 450 hryvnia per person.

A trip to the Pink Lakes 200 hryvnia per person, at 11:00 collecting the stalls “At the Horse” Boat trips, sunset on Yagorlytsky Bay.

Riding a sailing catamaran.

Have a nice stay at Kinburn!

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