Kinburn Spit Herodot Forest

Kinburn Spit, Herodotov Forest. Remains of the ancient forests of Gilea

In ancient times, Kinburn was well known. This land was once called Gilea. What did this area represent in the distant past? In his writings in the 5th century BC, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus described this land as follows:

“If you cross Borisfen (Dnieper), then Gilea will be the first from the sea.”

Gilea, from ancient Greek, is a land under a dense forest. According to biologists, Gilea consisted of thickets of trees: aspen, alder, oak, elm, poplar. Large animals were found here: bison, wild horses. Wild horses can be found today in the vastness of Kinburn.

Currently, Gilea, as an ecosystem, has disappeared. Some groves remained on the Kinburn Peninsula. One of the largest and most famous is the Herodotus forest. Located near the village of Pokrovka. Herodotus forest, a popular name that stuck to this place. It was named after the famous ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who described the nature and customs of peoples on his travels.

Herodotus forest is truly a fabulous place. Going deep into the massif, you will be transported hundreds of years ago. See what Kinburn was like. As a rule, from late autumn to spring, the surface of this area is covered with water. With the arrival of warmth and summer heat, the water goes away. There remain small reservoirs where you can see representatives of amphibians: turtles, vipers, frogs. The black roots of the trees are exposed, revealing intricate weaves. Large fallen trees lie on the ground, which speaks of the former greatness of the nature of these places. Green ferns are eye-catching. Wild grapes twine around the trunks and branches of trees. The bewitching singing of birds is heard everywhere. It is difficult to imagine that the Kinburn Peninsula was once covered with dense forest. The Herodotus Forest is a small island of the past lost in the Kinburn Sands.

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