Exhibition “Kinburn. Art-Elite” in Nikolaev

In the municipal exhibition hall (st. Nikolskaya, 54) there was an exhibition of works by artists following the results of the II creative plein air on the Kinburn spit “Kinburn. Art Elite “.

The exposition brought together paintings of different genres and trends. The bride also showed a photo of the picturesque landscapes of the protected zone of Nikolayevshchina.

The main organizer and inspirer of the plein air is the deputy of the Nikolaev city council, the Honorary citizen of the city of Nikolaev Anatoly Dyumin. The artistic director of the project was Alexander Uss.

This year, 20 masters from Nikolaev, Kiev, Odessa, Ivano-Frankovsk, Krivoy Rog, Poltava, Jordan took part in the plein air.

According to the organizers of the event, many artists from Ukraine have already visited Kinburn. The geography of the regions was constantly expanding, and the works of artists became better and more diverse. The artists worked from morning to evening, waking up at night to meet the dawn alone with nature. They could be seen with sketchbooks and cameras in the most unexpected corners of the Kinburn steppe, on salt marshes and sandstones, on the seashore, in a meadow soaked in forest dampness. Kinburn gave them his special colors, sea, forest and steppe scents, joy and emotional pleasure. The reaction to this was beautiful landscapes and still lifes.

Anatoly Dyumin noted that the peculiarity of “Kinburn. Art-Elite” is that the artists painted their pictures in the reserved place twice: in spring and in autumn.

– Annually about a hundred works are presented in the open air. For nine years, more than 1000 paintings were written, and many of them were sold to other countries, including Israel, Canada, Italy. Being on Kinburn, every time you get a new experience. No wonder they say that the Kinburn Spit is a place of power.

The exhibition was attended by representatives of the city council, friends and colleagues of artists, as well as fans of creativity. Mayor Alexander Senkevich also congratulated the audience. The head of the city also noted that he himself had been to Kinburn several times and considered it one of the best places for recreation.

– Every year, together with friends, we go on a five-day hike to Kinburn. This is our tradition since 2000, which I broke this year due to lack of vacation. Unfortunately, this place changes over time. But, despite the influx of tourists, the Kinburn Spit is incredible nature, energy and a magical azure sea, – said Alexander Senkevich.

The mayor wished the artists interesting ideas, inspiration, great masterpieces in creativity, and successful transmission of personal perception of the world in his works.

Source mkrada.gov.ua

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