6 best beaches in Ukraine

Healing mud, wildlife and nude sunbathing. There are beaches in Ukraine that, in terms of comfort, can compete with the beaches of the best Mediterranean resorts. The trick tells where they are and how to get there.

Marine biologist, conservationist Wallace Nichols, in his book Closer to Water, proves that water has a positive effect on mental and mental health. This discovery, empirically confirmed many times by each of us, leads to a logical conclusion: one of the best types of recreation is staying on the beach.

Until the twentieth century, people had a rather complicated relationship with the beach. Those few who, in principle, could afford to rest at that time, used the seashore mainly for taking air baths – that is, they walked along the water in full ammunition and breathed fresh air. In order not to be exposed to the sun’s rays in any way, the ladies, being in closed dresses with long sleeves and in hats, additionally armed themselves with sun umbrellas and sat on the shore in deep wicker chairs with high backs that turn into a visor. Bathing was no less dramatic: a lady, dressed in a “bathing dress” (which was not too different from the usual one), went to a special bathing cabin – a wooden boarding house without a floor, standing in shallow water. There, with the help of special bathers, she plunged into the water (in a dress), rinsed a little, and, in fact, that was all. Then he had to go out, change into a dry dress and sit again under the visor in deep shadow.

Fortunately, in the last century, these cumbersome and tedious procedures have given way to pure enjoyment of the sun and water. Sports, tanning and, accordingly, relaxing on the beach in its modern sense have become fashionable. However, even in the resort relationships we are used to with water and the sun, there are trends. The most powerful of them is the search for something original in a beach vacation, whether it is pristine sand, beautiful landscapes, the opportunity to observe the life of the wild. Or it can be a community beach, a place that is special not in a natural but in a social sense.

But even if you are against all these delights, adhere to traditional views on beach holidays and prefer formal equipped beaches, then in this case you can be in trend. It is enough just to pay attention to the quality of the water and sand (the “Blue Flag”, the international mark of the quality of the beach, will greatly help in this). Healthy lifestyle, one of the key popular hobbies today, concerns not only what we eat, but also what surrounds us, including while relaxing on the beach.

Kinburn Spit

The Kinburn Spit is a sandbank in the northwestern part of the Kinburn Peninsula. Its area is approximately 200 hectares, and it is part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. The Kinburn peninsula is located between the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Yagorlytsky bay of the Black Sea, so here you can see how the waters of different reservoirs meet and roll over each other.

The beach on the Kinburn Spit is huge, wide, with white sand and large shell rock. With a strong desire, you can sunbathe naked, there are very few people around. There is no infrastructure on the beach, so you need to take everything you may need with you. There is practically no Internet and cellular communication either.

In addition to lazy beach holidays, the peninsula has a lot of entertainment. Coniferous forests, salt landscapes, pink brine reservoirs – you will admire the variety of colors and textures. In addition, the migration routes of waterfowl run within the Kinburn Peninsula. Pink pelicans, pheasants, egrets will become your neighbors. You can go to the forest in search of butter and porcini mushrooms, or go snorkeling and get acquainted with the underwater world, meet small sea predators – anemones. But the highlight of the program will be extreme ATVs on the dunes in the place where the sea and the estuary merge.

You can get to the Kinburn Spit by land only by off-road vehicle, since there is no road at all, only sand. But if you don’t want to go by car, you can take a bus to Ochakov and then by boat to the peninsula. You can stay in a cottage or rent a room. All accommodation is located at a distance of about 1.5 km from the beach, so it is best to stay in tents. Despite the fact that this area is part of a nature reserve, there are special permitted camping sites. In June-July, you can’t hide from annoying mosquitoes, but in August there are practically none.


This place is rightly called “Ukrainian Maldives”. A comfortable rest in the wild on a real desert island – nowhere else in Ukraine and even in Europe you will not find this.

Dzharylgach is the largest island in the Black Sea and, of course, in Ukraine, its area is 62 sq. km. It is located in the Skadovsky district of the Kherson region, right next to the Karkinitsky bay. The island was also described by ancient historians Herodotus, Ptolemy, Pliny the Elder. There are two lighthouses on Dzharylgach, they are more than a hundred years old. Rumor has it that one of them was designed by Gustave Eiffel himself, and the lighthouse is very similar to the Eiffel Tower. Believe it or not – it’s up to you, but it’s better to see for yourself.

The beach is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay by the sea: sun loungers, awnings, beach houses, small cafes and even fresh water from a local artesian well. The island also has a dry closet. Garbage is taken out every day, picked up by boat.

You can come here for a day and fully enjoy the pristine view of nature. Or you can stay on the island for a long time and live in a tent absolutely free: in that part of the island that is not a nature reserve, but a national park, it is allowed to set them up. In this case, it is better to take food with you and be sure to hide it from the pelicans, who all the time want to profit from something.

If a lazy beach vacation is not quite for you, then I recommend going on a jeep safari around the island. In this case, you simply cannot avoid meeting swans, deer, mouflons, fallow deer and even wild boars. Dzharylgach possesses not only a unique fauna, but also rare plants from the Red Data Book, which you will see with your own eyes, and not in pictures.

It is better to get to the island from Skadovsk by boat, which departs from the pier on the central city beach. You can swim to the Glubokaya Spit: there you can swim in the Dzharylgach Bay or walk about 3 km to the open sea. And there is also an ecological trail “Lighthouses”.

Beach “Dovbychka” in Kiev

This is one of the cleanest beaches in Kiev, but its main feature is that it is intended exclusively for nudists. Do not try to sunbathe there in a bathing suit, otherwise you will be called a “textile worker” and you will not be able to become a part of the nudist community. However, there is one more strict restriction: do not sit naked on the sand.

On the beach you can not only enjoy your own freedom from clothes, but also a picturesque view of Kiev: from “Dovbychka” there is a magnificent view of the Motherland and the Friendship of Peoples Arch. Plus, this nude beach is famous for its friendly atmosphere. Of course, if you want to spend time alone with yourself, no one will bother you, but if you want to play naked beach volleyball, then you will definitely make new acquaintances and good friends. You will have to take an umbrella, bedding and other beach amenities with you, but the beach is not crowded and very clean.

It’s not so easy to get here. There are two ways. The first one is to go to the “Gidropark” metro station, then walk to the “Youth Beach” and cross there by boat (private carriers are available to tourists) across the strait to Trukhanov Island directly to this beach. The second way is to cross to Trukhanov Island via the Pedestrian Bridge and walk to the southern edge of the island.

Nudist beach in Berdyansk

This place is one of the most famous nudist beaches in Ukraine. Here you will not surprise anyone with nudity, rather, on the contrary, they will look at you judgmental if you rest in clothes. The beach is quite large and stretches for 500 m along the spit and past the Red Lake, which serves as a source of therapeutic mud.

This neighborhood gives this beach an original specificity: on the way to it, you can not only get naked, but also make therapeutic mud applications that have a positive effect on blood circulation, respiration and metabolism. On the nudist beach you can enjoy the warm Sea of Azov and white clean sand. Full unity with nature will ensure the nudity and remoteness of vacationers on the beach from each other. There are no awnings or sun loungers for rent, but very clean as nudists really value their privacy.

The beach is located in an inaccessible place, surrounded by trees and tall grass. You can get there by buses 5/2 and 21/1 to the stop “The mud baths of the Berdyansk sanatorium” and walk another 15 minutes past the sanatorium.

Zanzibar beach

Zanzibar Beach is located in the urban-type village of Fontanka in the Odessa region. Distance of the beach from Odessa is approximately 4 km. This is a standard family beach. At Zanzibare you can rent a sun lounger, a bed with an umbrella and even a whole bungalow. Smoking on the territory is prohibited, there are specially designated places for this. There is also a paid secure car park near the beach.

The main advantage of this beach is that this year it has become one of the few beaches in the Odessa region, which received the Blue Flag mark, and for the third time in a row. The award is well-deserved, because cleaning takes place every day, once a week sand is sifted. Zanzibar is accessible to people with disabilities, with a doctor on duty at all times. Bathing water quality meets the requirements of the international organization for standardization, compliance with safety standards is regularly checked by the sanitary service of the Ministry of Health.

There is a bar on the beach where you can order refreshing drinks and something to eat. From entertainment – water attractions for adults, for example, riding a scooter at a safe distance from the swimming area. There is also a special playground for children on the beach.

You can get to the Zanzibar beach by buses No. 68, 570, 504 from Odessa.

Beach “Venice” in Kiev

If you didn’t trust the municipal beaches of Hydropark, then it is definitely worth giving them a second chance. Thus, Venice Beach has gone through a major reconstruction and a long period of preparation for the beach season. It meets all quality standards and is suitable for safe bathing. Today this beach is called the best in the country. In addition, this year Venice received the first international Blue Flag award.

This summer “Venice” became the most popular beach, which can accommodate up to 15 thousand people. People with disabilities can comfortably rest here; special paths for barrier-free access to water have been arranged for them. In addition, the beach is equipped with all the necessary amenities: showers, changing rooms, sun loungers, umbrellas, trash cans and toilets. There are bicycle parking at the entrance.

If you get tired of lying on a sun lounger and drinking cold drinks, which the waiter will bring directly there, you can always go and play on the volleyball court or football field. You can get to the beach along the red line of the metro, getting off at the Hydropark station.

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