With baby at sea

Getting well together with the baby at sea

If you treat summer correctly and use all its gifts, you can not only improve your health, but also stock up on energy for the whole year.

Pediatricians always have high hopes for the warm season. It turns out because of the sun. It magically stimulates the immune system. And not only because under the influence of warm rays in the skin, the much-needed vitamin D is produced. The sun is an excellent disinfectant and destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi that live on the surface of the skin of a healthy person. As a result, the risk of getting sick is reduced.

In the hot season, the metabolism also improves, and not only due to the vitamin fruits. Lack of sun usually raises blood sugar levels. As a result, an increased feeling of hunger and excess weight. And also – the deficiency negatively affects the development of the skeletal system. In summer, however, the need for food decreases naturally. I no longer want to constantly eat buns and cookies, it is much more pleasant to feast on berries and fruits. Well, do not forget that the hot season is the best prevention of rickets.

The activity of the hormones of happiness in response to the abundance of solar energy should also be taken into account. This, in turn, has a wonderful effect on the mood, relieves nervousness, improves sleep and completely relieves children from excessive whims.

You need to walk as long as possible, because fresh air saturates the body with oxygen, stimulates metabolic processes, and hardens. Sea air is especially useful.

Who gets up early?

The most useful sun is the morning sun. It does not bake and does not burn, caressing with its warmth. It’s great if you wake up earlier and, without hesitation, go for a walk to the sea. By the way, breakfast can be arranged on the seashore. It is here, in the fresh air, that the baby, the artificial, and the older child who already enjoys adult dishes with might and main, eats with appetite.
In the morning until 10 am, the baby can take air baths, and completely naked. Put the baby in the stroller (so that there are no drafts) under the rays, and undress the older baby to her panties and let her run a little.

Air baths, especially at first, last no more than 10 minutes. Hardening should be planned.
Proceed gradually, increasing the duration of the procedure up to an hour. Do not forget that the child must be wearing a panama hat.

Reflexologists advise, if possible, to remove shoes from the baby. Let it be like sand! This stimulates all the important points that are on the piles. Do you know about the projection of all organs on the heel? .. Walking barefoot is also the prevention of flat feet and clubfoot. In the modern world, neither children nor adults have the opportunity to walk without shoes, which sometimes leads to incorrect development of the feet. Whereas prevention is so easy! And you don’t need to look for a smooth surface, since pebbles and humps are much more useful.

If you are on the beach, go to the shade with your baby after 10 am.

Further exposure to the sun is dangerous. However, this does not mean that it is time to return home.

Traveling with a child

The experience of foreign mothers has shown that a baby can travel successfully. It is important for him that his mother is there and the rhythm of life does not change much. However, don’t be reckless. Still, acclimatization has a pretty strong effect on the body. Yes, it is softened by the usual diet (breast milk or formula) and new experiences. But in order to benefit from the new climate, you need to get used to it. This takes an average of two weeks.

21s day is an ideal length of rest. The body adapts and actively heals.

What useful awaits the little one on new, unexplored lands?

Of course, first of all, everyone strives for the sea coast. The endless beaches of the Kienburn Peninsula are ideal for families. We invite you to the recreation center on the Kinburn Spit – Larina Dacha.

There is healing air and water. You just swim, breathe, and it turns out that you saturate the body with the necessary microelements. But that’s not all, the sea coast helps to cope with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heals the respiratory, bronchopulmonary, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems. In addition, open space is the best prevention of myopia. Looking at objects next to you, and then looking into the distance – what is needed for the health of a peephole. We should also say about playing with sand. Firstly, this is a wonderful way to keep the little one busy. Digging, pouring, running a mill, transporting sand with a truck – what could be more interesting!

Secondly, do not lose sight of the developmental effect. Pouring sand, the baby learns a lot, and fingers are also stimulated, fine motor skills improve.

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