Things to do on Kinburn Spit

Отдых на Кинбурнской косе

Mini-hotel “Larina Dacha” offers an unforgettable vacation in the waters of the Black Sea coast. There is no such unity with nature anywhere. The Kinburn Spit, located in the vicinity of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, attracts vacationers with many kilometers of sandy beaches and clear water. Picturesque nature, a variety of flora and fauna, an interesting underwater world – all this and much more awaits you on the Kinburn Spit. Kinburn Spit is famous for its attractions. Yes, you heard right! Holidays in the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve on the territory of the Kinburn Spit can be not only beach, but also very informative.

Where to go and what to see in the vicinity of the Kinburn Peninsula?

чWe offer for review a list of the most interesting excursions and fascinating journeys through the territory of the conservation area and the surrounding area:

  1. Ecological sightseeing tour, which includes a visit to the alder grove and pine forest of the Kovalevskaya saga, fresh lakes of the Dnieper-Bug estuary, sand steppes and the coast of the Yagorlytsky Gulf.
  2. Sea excursion in the Yagorlytsky Gulf with a visit to the Krugly and Dolgiy islands, inspection of the sunken ship and acquaintance with the representatives of the “bird market”.
  3. Boat trip to the uninhabited island of Tendra. Here you will find an old lighthouse, herds of wild horses, freshly caught and cooked shrimps, a picnic and ice champagne.
    Boat trip to the island of Berezan, where the forts of World War II and the ruins of ancient Borisfen have been preserved.
  4. Historical tour to the peak of the sand spit to the Kinburn fortress and the monument to Suvorov.

Kinburn Spit will pleasantly surprise you with wild orchid fields, mud lakes and numerous zoos. Beautiful and picturesque groves can be seen in the Volyzhin Forest and Herodov Forest.

Entertainment on the Kinburn Spit will not be complete without barbecue on the grill. You can cook aromatic kebab or bake fish on the fire yourself. If on vacation you prefer to relax from everything, including the kitchen, the cooks of the Larina Dacha recreation center will delight you with delicious culinary delights. We can even cook fish that you catch when fishing or spearfishing. Do you want to know what is the highlight of the recreation center “Larina Dacha”? Our affectionate and friendly cat! Come to us on vacation, we will give you a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions and a lot of positive emotions!