Reviews of Kinburn Spit

Vacation is that amazing period of time when you can relax from work and everyday problems, relax, restore your health and morale, gain new strength and emotions. When choosing a place to stay, many are guided by reviews. So, a lot of positive reviews about the Kinburn Spit are left by those who have already had time to relax there.

Kinburn Spit is a multi-kilometer sand spit on the Black Sea coast. Since a significant part of the Kinburn Peninsula belongs to the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, the “hands” of civilization did not manage to get here. Clear sea water, clean sand, fresh air, centuries-old groves and forests, amazing beauty of the lake and fields are fascinating. Kinburn Spit, reviews of which are filled with positive comments, is an ideal place to relax.

Dmitry, Kharkov: “For a long time we chose a place to go on vacation. I considered the option of conquering the Kinburn Spit by car. Reviews of fans of extreme relaxation convinced of the inappropriateness of such a trip. We went to the scythe by boat from Ochakovo. Holidays in Kinburn was 100% complete. Fully rested and relaxed. My son even went spearfishing on a black stingray. ”

Marina, Kiev: “We relax on the Kinburn Spit every season. The best place for relaxation and solitude with nature can not be found. We always stop at Larina Dacha. Nice owners, helpful staff, friendly atmosphere and a high level of comfort. “

Kinburn Spit Vacation Reviews

Rest on Kinburn Spit, judging by the reviews, suitable for different categories of vacationers. Fans of active pastime can stay in the tent camp. Camping attracts many residents of large cities who want to try their hand in other conditions. Fans of comfort will appreciate the rest in mini-hotels. For example, “Larina Dacha” is considered one of the best recreation centers on the Kinburn Spit, reviews of which can be read on our website.

The recreation center “Larina Dacha” has a convenient location. The distance from the sea is only 1.2 km. The road that runs through beautiful fields and groves takes no more than 20 minutes. Comfortable modern rooms, varied meals made from fresh home-made products, calm and sincere atmosphere of Larina Dacha will leave pleasant memories and unforgettable impressions. Kinburn Spit and relaxation at Larina Dacha is the best solution for your vacation, as evidenced by the reviews of many vacationers.