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Kinburn Spit (Kyl-Burun – “sharp nose” in Tatar, Kil-Buruni – “hairy cape” in Turkish) – is a resort region on the Black Sea coast in the Nikolaev region, directly uniting the sand spit, the base of which lies in its north -western part of the Kinburn Peninsula and the village of Pokrovka, where the best recreation center on the Kinbur Spit is located – Larina Dacha, the closest to the sea coast. The resort is popular among tourists due to its isolation from civilization, environmental cleanliness and nature reserve, preserved in its original form.

Geographical location and natural data of the Kinburn Spit

The Kinburn Peninsula is located in the south-west of Ukraine, on the border of the Ochakov District of the Nikolaev Region and the Golopristansky – Kherson, and covers an area of about 18 thousand hectares. The peninsula is washed by three reservoirs – the fresh Dnieper-Bug estuary in the northern part, the salty Yagorlytsky Bay – in the southern, and the Black Sea – in the western.

The first mention of the Earth under a dense forest, or Gilea, – that is what Kinburn was called earlier, belongs to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus and dates back to the 5th century BC. For the ancient Scythians, these lands were sacred – according to legend, the Gods were here, rituals were performed and treasures were hidden. Later Chumaks came here – for salt from local salt marshes, as evidenced by folklore.

Currently, Kinburn Spit is one of the most environmentally friendly seaside resorts within Ukraine, due to the complete absence of industry and virtually no transport routes. Most of the peninsula’s territory is untouched by civilization, the landscape park of the same name covers almost the entire land, and the Volyzhin Les tract and the southeastern sand spit, which does not have its own name, are part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, entered in the UN registry.

The nature of Kirburn is unique in diversity. Its Black Sea coast is a long sandy beach, turning into a feather grass steppe with areas of coniferous plantations and relict deciduous forests, lowland groves. On the peninsula, there are more than 400 lakes – freshwater and salt, there are many salt marshes and swamps, especially in the eastern part. Local water bodies are a nesting place for birds, including a white and gray heron, a swan, a pink pelican, an eagle, a pheasant.

Holiday Village Larina Dacha on Kinburn Spit

The climate at the resort is mild, and due to the proximity of water bodies it is humid. The average air temperature in summer is + 20-2 degrees, especially on hot days the thermometer can rise to + 35-40 degrees. The coast of Kinburn is characterized by a rather low average annual rainfall of about 400 mm and an abundance of sunshine that shines for almost 2,300 hours a year.

Ecological cleanliness, humid climate, air enriched with iodine, bromine and phytoncide salts from the steppes and forests adjacent to the coast, lakes with therapeutic mud contribute to healing and make Kinburn Spit attractive at any time of the year, however, a full-fledged holiday season begins here in June, when the sea near the coast warms up to about + 18-20 degrees Celsius, and ends in early October.

Housing and Vacation Prices in 2021 – Kinburn Spit

On Kinburn Spit, tourists can be offered accommodation of varying degrees of comfort and at different prices.

Price table on Kinburn Spit in 2021


Price June

Housing without amenities

570 UAH with meals

Rooms with amenities

625 UAH with meals


2250 UAH with meals


Overview of housing with 2021 prices and reviews

In the season, the “rent rooms”, “rent rooms” plates hang on almost every yard. Despite the very limited infrastructure of the resort as a whole, you can find a guest house, a hotel or a recreation center here, for example Larina Dacha, with a well-equipped area, a swimming pool, decent living conditions, and organized food.

The main factor in determining the price of rooms is availability. We will analyze housing options on the Kinbur Spit.

  • Camping tents are the most budget holiday option on the Kinburn Peninsula. You can live on the seashore in your own tent, and eat at a recreation center nearby – Larina Dacha. Here you can have a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner with homemade food, there is also a restaurant menu.
  • A room without amenities on the Kinburn Spit at the Larina Dacha recreation center costs from 170 UAH per day for one person with meals. These are cozy 4-bed rooms. Air-conditioned accommodation with good furnishings. Room with amenities on Kinburn Spit in with. Pokrovka at the recreation center Larina Dacha on Kovelovskaya street, 63 costs from 220 UAH per day for one person with meals.
  • A detached cottage costs from 750 UAH with meals. Cost of a cottage Suite at the recreation center Larina Dacha from 850 UAH with meals.
  • House Suite in the village of Pokrovka on the Kinburn Spit at the recreation center Larina, the dacha will cost from 1450 UAH with meals. Opportunities for 5 people.

Children under 4 years stay free of charge without a seat. Children up to 7 years old get 50% discount. Parking is free.

How prices on Kinburn Spit changed 2019, 2020, 2021

According to experts from the tourism business, holiday prices in 2020, on average, increased by 2% in the resort compared to 2020.

Resort Areas

On the territory of Kinburn, which is quite large in area, with a length of about 40 kilometers and a width of 10 kilometers, several villages are located, including the village of Pokrovka, with a total population of about 800 people.

The village is located not on the Black Sea, but 500 meters away. Pokrovka is located in the southern part of the peninsula and has access to the Yagorlytsky Gulf.

Sea and beaches of the Kinburn Spit, passage to the sea, bottom structure

The Black Sea coast of the Kinburn Spit is one long beach, with fine white sand and a large shell thrown out by the waves. The coastline within the resort is flat, without bays and bays. The Black Sea is open, so severe storms and sharp fluctuations in water temperature occasionally occur here.

Here the Black Sea has a gentle entrance and smooth sandy deepening, which is suitable for swimming for both children and adults. Since there are no industrial facilities, transportation lines, the water in the sea is very clean. According to tourists, the sea on the Kinburn Spit has an azure hue, and dolphins can often be seen.

The main feature of the Kinburn Spit is its limb, a place where the waters of the fresh Dnieper-Bug estuary and the salty Black Sea meet. This is the most visited part of the peninsula, where you can admire the waves of different water bodies rolling on each other and arrange a unique photo shoot. Bathing at the confluence of the sea and the estuary, as well as on the neighboring stretch of the Black Sea coast, is strictly prohibited, due to the strong currents. All beaches on The resort is free and freedom to visit. The coastline is a wild coast.Инфраструктура и развлечения на Кинбурнской косе

The infrastructure at the resort is poorly developed. Shops, with the exception of single ones, cafes, bars, playgrounds, entertainment can be found on the territory of hotels and recreation bays. Outside of these places, the benefits of civilization are practically absent – for tourists there is only the sun, sea and nature.

Sights and excursions

The main attraction of the Kinburn Peninsula is its unique nature, preserved in its original form. Therefore, most of the land excursion tours that vacationers can offer here are related to visiting one or another part of the peninsula, and boat excursions usually include a walk along the coastline with visits to nearby islands.

The cost of excursions starts from 200 hryvnias per person and depends on the type of transport and the degree of its filling with tourists, if you are offered a trip on an SUV or boat. ATV excursion can be ordered from 250 hryvnia. There is no gas station on Kinburn Spit, fuel delivery to the resort is expensive, hence the high price of excursions.

Despite the rather flexible approach to organizing trips and the ability of a tourist to independently choose or adjust the route, the most common excursions to Kinburn are:

  • Ecological survey. Kovalevskaya saga – alder groves and pine forest, Bienkova plavni – system of fresh lakes near the Dnieper-Bug estuary, sand steppes, coast of the Yagorlytsky gulf, picnic, ear.
  • Sea tour of the Yagorlytsky gulf – an overview of the coasts of the Kinburnsky peninsula and Dolgovy islands of the Krugbury Peninsula and Dolgovy Islands bazaar, wreck, picnic, freshly picked mussels with lemon juice, ice champagne.
  • Kinburn fortress – a historic tour to the peak of the sand spit to the place where the Turkish army was once defeated – the remains of buildings, a monument to Suvorov, a view of the Dnieper Bug estuary, picnic, fish soup.
  • On quads on dunes – extreme along the sand spit, to the place where the Black Sea and the Dnieper-Bug estuary merge, off-road racing, adrenaline, deserted beaches.
  • Sea excursion to the island of Tendra – boat trip, swimming on the high seas, an uninhabited island just 22 kilometers from the Kinburn Spit, a deserted beach, an old lighthouse, herds of wild horses, a scattering of rare sea shells, a picnic, freshly caught shrimps, ice beer. Sea excursion to the island of Berezan. A boat trip to the Pushkin island of Buyan, the remains of ancient Borisfen, forts of the Second World War, swimming in a lagoon covered with Scythian legends and myths.
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