Kinburn spit

Fans of pristine nature will appreciate the rest on the Kinburn Spit. This area, which is part of the national natural reserve “Svyatoslav’s White Coast”, remained virtually unaffected by the “paws” of civilization.

Holidays at Kinburn Spit

As you know, the Kinburn Spit, or Kinburn – a peninsula in the Black Sea with a length of 45 kilometers at the junction of the Kherson and Nikolaev regions. The peninsula between the Yagorlytsky bays and the Dnieper-Bug estuary is located of amazing beauty. Kinburn Spit is a unique combination of a long coastal strip, sand dunes, coniferous and oak forests, outlandish representatives of flora and fauna, salt industries. The width of a long sandy cape ranges from several meters to about ten kilometers. The very beginning of the Kinburn Spit, where the width of the cape reaches 10 km, resembles a desert framed by oak groves.

Amazing Kinburn Natural Area

The sea coast shimmers with whitish-golden hues of pure sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle, as convenient and safe as possible. Moreover, the gentle entrance is characteristic not only of ennobled, but also wild beaches. In some places there are small cafeterias, attractions for children and some entertainments for adult holidaymakers. There are other bodies of water here. For example, many visitors to the miraculous peninsula are in a hurry to see the salt lakes, which today are used to extract salt. Pink lakes are especially popular among tourists and locals. The amazing color of water bodies is visible even from satellites. This wonder of the world is worth it to come to the Kinburn Spit! Scientists have discovered the secret of pink lakes: algae living in water bodies emit organic pigment, which leads to the natural coloring of water.

Interesting history of the peninsula

A visit to the Kinburn Spit begins with an introduction to the rich history of such an amazing natural reserve. It is known for certain that the ancient Greeks and Scythians were the first settlers here. The ancient Greek historian, whom Cicero himself called the “father of history”, called this area Gilea and Borisfenida, which means “land under a dense forest.”

According to historical data, Kinburn Spit was part of the trade route from the Baltic to Byzantium – “From the Varangians to the Greeks”. The appearance of the modern name of the peninsula dates back to the 15th century. Turks living on the peninsula erected a defensive structure called Kilburun. It is a pity, but the fortress in its original form has not been preserved to the present. The first destruction occurred during the battles of the Turks with troops led by the Russian commander, Prince Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov. The complete destruction of the defensive structure occurred during the Crimean War, when the Russian Empire fought with a coalition of the British, French, Ottoman empires and the Sardinian kingdom.

The Soviet authorities organized a military training ground on the territory of Kinburn Spit. Subsequently, a border zone was equipped here. Some monuments and temples testify to such a rich and multifaceted history of Kinburn: the Cossack cross dedicated to the ataman Sidor Bely; erected in honor of A.V. Suvorov monument; insignificant remnants of the Kilburun fortress; temple in the village of Pokrovka in the Nikolaev region; temple in the village of Hero of the Kherson region.

Sights of Kinburn Spit

Of course, the main attraction of the peninsula is pristine beautiful nature. The tourists can see sand dunes, azure expanse, real jungle, healing mud. It combines the sea breeze and the silence of a pine grove.

Salt industry

Literally a few kilometers from the village of Heroyskoye there are salt mines. Their distinguishing feature is bright pink with an orange tint. Like several centuries ago, today salt is mined in an open way. Due to its outlandish appearance, pink salt lakes are a favorite destination for travelers, scientists and photographers. Photographs taken against the backdrop of salt pink lakes must be in your personal archive. Photo frames with pink lakes of Kinburn are published in world-famous electronic and print publications.

Vegetable world

An incredible surprise awaits visitors to the peninsula: relict forests. A wide part of the spit pleasantly pleases with picturesque oak and birch groves, which civilization has not affected. As the legends say, somewhere here the oak is growing famous by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin in the poem Ruslan and Lyudmila. And suddenly, indeed, it was on the Kinburn Spit that that fabulous Lukomorye was located? If you look at old topographic maps, you can find that this area was called Lukomorye. Lukomorsky Polovtsy lived on the peninsula. Well, and let’s remember the text of the poem “… Everyone is equal, as if in selection, with them is Uncle Chernomor.” The Black Sea is a derivative of the Black Sea …

The salt lakes of the Kinburn Spit alternate with fresh water bodies. Imagine that in such a small area there are more than 150 lakes! In autumn, mushroom pickers rush here, coming out of a dense forest full of baskets of butter and ceps. In the spring and in the summer, the outlandish peninsula delights locals and visitors with flower meadows, wild swamp and flea orchids, thickets of olive bushes. Wild orchid fields can be seen with your own eyes, going on a short trip to the village of Pokrovka. The peak of flowering falls in the last month of spring – in May.

Another interesting fact about the Kinburn Spit: the landscape is constantly changing here. For example, a significant territory of the peninsula is occupied by wild swampy thickets, which the locals christened “sagas.” Want to make a couple of spectacular photos in the bosom of the “Amazonian jungle”? Grab reliable and proven mosquito repellents. Indeed, in the swampy thickets there are many blood-sucking insects.

Kinburn Spit pleases connoisseurs of traditional medicine. Pharmacy chamomile, mint, coltsfoot, calendula, thyme and other useful medicinal herbs and colors grow here. Renal orchis growing in these fields is a miracle of nature, which is extremely rare. Such a field is the only one in all of Europe. In addition to medicinal vegetation, do not forget about the magical sea air, which has a healing effect. Sea salt and phytoncides have a beneficial effect on the human body and immune system.

Do you want to enjoy the beauties and picturesque places of Kinburn Spit 100%? Come to the peninsula for a week or even two. Visit local excursions, explore the flora and fauna, breathe in the fresh sea air and be sure to “listen” to the entrancing silence of Kinburn.

Animals and birds

On the braid you can see steppe wolves, martens, buffalos, raccoon dogs, wild horses, sika deer, beavers, hares, foxes and other representatives of the fauna, including rare species. Only rodents are home to more than 15 species. Want to see with your own eyes cranes and eagles with a wingspan of more than two meters? Be sure to come to the Kinburn Spit. Hunting is strictly prohibited!

Hundreds of birds settled on the lakes: swans, cormorants, ducks, pegans, herbalists, kingfishers, etc. Most of the birds are listed in the Red Book. According to ornithologists, according to official data, approximately 240 species of birds live in these parts. Organized groups of tourists come here to study rare wildlife. The real attraction of the nature reserve is the pink pelican. Unfortunately, the population of this species has declined significantly in recent decades.

The world of marine inhabitants is no less interesting and surprising. Of course, the main inhabitants of the sea are jellyfish and sea anemones, coastal waters are saturated with shrimp, mussels and raps. The nature reserve is often visited by entire families of dolphins frolic under the rays of the gentle sun. The estuary attracts the attention of fishermen. Indeed, in the local waters you can collect an excellent catch of crucian carp, gobies and even mullet fish.

Kinburn Spit Weather

From the second half of May to the end of October, the tourist season lasts. Water in the sea warms up early – in late spring or early summer. In the same period, wild cherries begin to ripen sweet cherries, and apricot grows closer to mid-June. The beginning of summer is almost always warm and sunny. At the same time, the sweltering heat has not yet arrived – a great time to relax. Surprisingly, the beginning of July is often accompanied by summer thunderstorms and a slight cooling.

How to get to the Kinburn Spit?

Getting to the peninsula is not so easy, but nothing is impossible. Let’s share some of the “secrets”:


Traveling to Kinburn Spit in your own car can be called a true safari. Few people know that the asphalt part of the road ends near the village of Heroyskoye, Kherson region. Next up are the sandy roads. To overcome the Ukrainian sand dunes and dunes, you need a powerful SUV. An ordinary car will not pass along such a road!


You can get from Kherson to the Kinburn Spit by bus. A regular or private bus follows the city of Tsyurupinsk. Then turn to Golaya Marina. The final destination will be the village of Hero. To get to Pokrovsk, you can’t get around without an SUV or an all-terrain vehicle Ural. Such a transfer is organized by the locals of the spit. Are you planning to go from the village of Odessa or Nikolaev region? In this case, you need to get any bus or minibus to the city of Ochakovo. Then you should transfer to a sea boat that goes to the Kinburn Spit.

Water crossing

You can overcome the Dnieper-Bug estuary by boat, which leaves from berth No. 333 of the city of Ochakovo. According to the schedule, during the high tourist season, boats depart twice a day: at 7:00 and 15:00.

Kinburn Spit Visit Program

Attention vacationers are invited to the author’s route familiarization with the Kinburn Spit. The advantages of the tour include the following facts:

A visit to the peninsula, which barely affected civilization. Acquaintance with pink lakes and salt crafts. Traveling through the territory of the nature reserve with special vehicles. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of guide guides, tourists are given a unique chance to fully explore the peninsula. The tour program involves a route along the mouth of the Dnieper, estuary, bay and the Black Sea. Filled with exciting impressions and emotions of a safari stretching over 180 km is one of the interesting, fascinating and exciting moments of the tour. Acquaintance with the flora and fauna of the extended part of Kinburn. Please note that a visit to the edge of the spit is not provided for by the program of the proposed excursion tour. If vacationers wish, there is the possibility of setting up a camp. The formation of the tent camp and the possibility of spending the night there are discussed in advance.

Have you been burning with the idea of ​​visiting Kinburn Spit? Will the departure be from Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper, Lviv or another city? The route and the program of the excursion tour will be changed according to the time of your arrival in Kherson, Nikolaev or Odessa. The guide meets a group of tourists in an agreed place and at a pre-agreed time. For a small group of tourists (no more than 4 people), the opportunity to organize a one-day tour on off-road vehicles is provided. The cost of the “Ukrainian safari” along the sand dunes of Kinburn is negotiated individually. Accommodation in Kherson is possible in one of the hotels / hostels – we provide a list of hotels.

Standard tour programs for the Kinburn Spit with departure from Kherson:

Meeting of the group with a guide. Stop for a coffee break in Golaya Pristan. Stop in Staraya Zburyevka. Here the Dnieper “meets” with the Dnieper-Bug estuary. Acquaintance with the Ajigol lighthouse of hyperboloid form, erected in 1911. This lighthouse is considered the highest in Ukraine. Visiting the path of the “pilgrimage” of Chumak and the salt lake of pink color. A short familiarization tour of the salt fields. Time for a personal holiday or a photo shoot. An introductory tour of the forests and lakes of the peninsula. Visiting the area where the old bed of the mighty Dnieper was previously located. Arrival at the beach. Beach holidays, swimming / diving in the sea, entertainment. Lunch. You need to order lunch in advance (for example, at the stage of ticketing or agreeing on a tour program). Free time. Swimming in the sea. Walks in a pine forest, birch or oak groves. Fishing. Diving and catching crabs, shrimps, mussels (equipment you need to take with you).

List of necessary things:

hats, comfortable shoes; swimwear, swimming trunks; bathing / diving equipment; cream protection against active sunshine; mosquito bites; beach mats, shade sun umbrellas; cameras, video cameras; food supply, clean drinking water (minimum 1.5 l per person) .

Standard excursion programs for visiting Kinburn Spit with departure from Odessa:

Meeting of the group Departure on the way. Arrival in Ochakov. The tour starts with a boat trip along the unusual Dnieper-Bug estuary. Arrival at the beginning of the spit. Walking. Free time: beach holidays, active or sports activities, swimming / diving in the sea. Lunch. Time for personal rest. Ferry boat to Ochakov. Departure by bus to Odessa. Arrival of the group to Odessa.

Guest reviews

Photos with views of the Kinburn Spit are impressive, amazing, inspiring. In the published photographs you can enjoy views of the azure sea, sand dunes, rare species of birds and animals, relict oak groves, fields with herbs and wild orchids, salt trades.

Special vehicles will help you get to the most interesting locations. Employees of the nature reserve will tell the story of the peninsula, conduct a study tour, presenting rare specimens of flora and fauna to the attention of tourists.