Kinburn Spit on a passenger car

Кинбурнская коса на легковушкеKinburn Spit attracts vacationers with beautiful nature. The clear, transparent sea and many kilometers of sand strip are the perfect place for a relaxing and relaxing beach holiday. Since many people are used to traveling in their own car, the question often arises whether it is possible to conquer the Kinburn Spit in a passenger car. We will answer right away: take care of your strength and nerves, do not risk it! Although some reckless people try to conquer the Kinburn Spit with a car. But do not count on particular success. The maximum point is Pokrovsky farms.

You can drive to Kinburn Spit with your own car if:Автомобиль с полным приводом.

  1. There is driving experience in extreme conditions.
    You and your passengers are highly stress resistant.
    Adrenaline is seething in the blood.

Do not count on an easy road with the opportunity to explore the surroundings and picturesque nature.

ЗStock up on the shutter speed and take note of a few helpful tips that might come in handy along the way:

  1. Take along a shovel with a large full bayonet and a long handle. If the car gets on a “belly”, there will be no help from a small sapper blade. You can row with such a spatula until the morning, while lying under the car.

    Follow the rut strictly. The resistance of rolled sand is several times lower than that of fresh sand. Follow the rut, even if the car is “rowing with a belly.” Follow the rolled track even if it does not match the dimensions of your vehicle. At least one wheel should be on rolled sand.

    Do not brake and pass loose sand at the highest possible speed. If possible, choose a “road” with grass cover.
    After the asphalt exit, try to stay on the left side of the road. Almost all the time on the left will be a sandy beach.
    When walking on wet or water-covered sand, do not stop. Remember that wet sand is significantly harder than dry bulk sand.
    Stock up on water and provisions.
    Record the contacts of your local emergency service. And check the charge level of the mobile phone.
    And most importantly – tune in to a good vacation! Even such an adventure as a trip by car along the loose sand of the Kinburn Spit should leave good memories. If the conquest of the Kinburn Spit in your own car is not such a matter of principle, use the services of a boat that goes from the port of Ochakovo (Nikolaev region).

Кинбурнская коса на легковушке
Кинбурнская коса на легковушке
Кинбурнская коса на легковушке