Kinburn Spit how to get to Pokrovka from Nikolaev

On the highway, by bus from Nikolaev, the “night express” (departure at 23:30) you reach the village of Heroyskoye. Then all the passengers transfer to the Ural car, which will be waiting for you. In about an hour you will arrive in the village. The price is 220 UAH / person, the price includes a transplant. Arrival at 05:30.

Through the Dnieper-Bug estuary. From the Central bus station of Nikolaev by bus you get to Ochakov. Then take a taxi to Leskhoz port 340. Anyone who drives by car has paid parking at the port. The boat “Foreman Gorich” departs from the pier, in the morning at 7:00, in the afternoon at 15:00. The cost is 90 UAH / person. At Kinburn, it is moored to the pier of the Pokrovsky farms. By car, which arrives under the arrival of the boat, you will reach Pokrovka. Price 70 UAH / person. The route is popular, it takes about 2.5 hours to travel.

Speed boat “Nibulon Express” (rocket). The route “Nikolaev – Kinburn Spit”. Departing from NIBULON berth. Cabotage pier. You can get a minibus number 9, then walk to the pier. You need to book tickets in advance, at least one day in advance. You must arrive on the flight 20 minutes before departure. It is planned to introduce an online reservation. Schedule, prices, can be changed and supplemented. Booking information can be obtained by contacting the NIBULON (050) -394-74-83 telephone number (there is also a Kherson – Kinburn Spit direction).


Kinburn Spit fares

  • Nikolaev – Kinburn Spit – 237 UAH
  • Kinburn Spit – Nikolaev – 225 UAH
  • Ochakov – Kinburn Spit – 66 UAH
  • Kinburn Spit – Ochakov – 48 UAH

Schedule of high-speed passenger boats “NIBULON – Express 1”

Departure from Nikolaev: Wednesday, Friday - 8:00
From Kinburn Spit: - 18:00
Departure from Nikolaev: Saturday, Sunday - 7:00
From Kinburn Spit: - 17:00                  
“NIBULON – Express 2”
Departing (Nikolaev) Tuesday, Thursday - 8:00
From Kinburn: - 18:00
Departures (Nikolaev) Saturday, Sunday - 9:00
From Kinburn: - 18:00
On the Kinburn Spit, a speedboat approaches the Nibulon pier, which is located on the cape of the spit. The village of Pokrovka can be reached by car, about 1 hour drive. He is approaching the arrival of the “rocket.”

How to get to Kinburn Spit by car

Kinburn Spit is a sandy soil. Therefore, it is desirable that the car was four-wheel drive. If you don’t know the peninsula’s roads, hire a guide in the village of Hero.

Kinburn Spit Attractions

  • In May, we recommend you to see the field with blooming wild orchids near the village of Pokrovka. Orchid field is one of the largest in Europe.
  • The Holy Protection Church, located in the center of the village.
  • Mud lakes, with a unique composition of healing mud.
  • Unusual “Volyzhin Forest”, “sagas”, “bird islands”, zoo.
  • Mysterious Herodotov Forest, remains the ancient forests of Gilea.
  • The spire of the spit, where the waters of the Black Sea and the estuary mix.
  • Pine forest, hundreds of fresh and saline lakes, the remains of the Kinburn fortress.

Kinburn Spit vacation at sea

Kinburn Peninsula is pristine nature. The Black Sea with kilometer-long beaches and white sand, pine forest, lakes. We offer you relaxation in the private sector, comfortable rooms with air conditioning and a bathroom, round the clock hot water. Wi-Fi is free throughout. Distance to the sea 15 minutes, 3 minutes walk there are two shops, 8 minutes to the pine forest.
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