Kinburn Spit Camping

Kinburn Spit is called the place of reboot. After all, it is here that you can completely move away from the daily hustle, bustle and problems. Communication with nature helps to recover physically and spiritually.

Kinburn Peninsula is famous not only for its amazingly beautiful nature, but also for a special type of relaxation. Kinburn Spit and camping are the perfect combination.

Combined recreation is very popular: camping and meals in mini-hotels. So, a delicious and varied cuisine offers a modern recreation center “Larina Dacha”. A balanced diet of the freshest home-made products is one of the advantages of Larina Dacha. Tasty and aromatic barbecue, grilled fish, a variety of salads and snacks, homemade kvass, various exclusive dishes and much more are ready to offer you the best cooks on Kinburn Spit. The option of under-nutrition is possible: you can choose only breakfast and lunch, or, conversely, lunch and dinner, and there is also a restaurant menu.

In addition, the recreation center offers comfortable accommodation in superior rooms. Accommodation in rooms with all amenities – 100% guarantee of a good rest. “Larina Dacha” is considered one of the best recreation centers on the Kinburn Spit. We offer a high level of service, comfortable rooms, varied food and emotional atmosphere.