When going on vacation with a pet, save a list of life hacks

Is it scary to leave your four-legged friend at home or trust the neighbors? Don’t limit yourself – relax together. And specialized stores will help you avoid dangers and spend this time as comfortable as possible.

On the road

The owners of cats and small dogs will be helped by various carriers – special transport containers with air holes. In a specialized pet store, you can choose a carrier, not only focusing on the size of the pet, but also to your taste, because their choice in stores is huge.

Rest in the woods on the Kinburn Peninsula

Rest in the forest and outdoors is a real freedom for dogs! The new environment encourages them to explore unfamiliar territory, with a high risk of getting lost. To solve this problem, a wide range of leashes are offered, modern, comfortable and even waterproof, which are easy and simple to walk with. There are also many collars with a useful accessory: a handmade address tag with the owner’s contact details. Well, if your four-legged friend did not need to run far away or climb into the fire with a stick, take toys with you. There are rings, for example, made of pleasant material, the lungs do not sink in water, and balls on a light-accumulating cord will allow you to play with the dog even after sunset.


They are especially active in summer and pose a serious danger, which, however, can be prevented. There are many remedies for ticks: drops, tablets, suspensions, special collars.

Approach a summer vacation with your pet responsibly, and let it be a joy.

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