Family vacation on the Black Sea, Kinburn Spit

Going on vacation with a child, every mother is faced with a dilemma – where to go? We have gathered a few facts in favor of the fact that a good family vacation is very close – on the shores of the Black Sea, Kinburn.


What is familiar and moderately easy for an adult is difficult and problematic for a child. Kinburn Spit to the Black Sea resorts can be reached by car. From Kherson to Kinburn – 3 hours. You can choose to travel at lunchtime, when children will sigh peacefully in chairs. This will allow you to save energy and avoid unpleasant procedures associated with the road.


Any pediatrician will say that the best rest in terms of children’s health is one that takes place in an environmentally friendly place, closest to the usual geographical location. Unlike a trip to the Mediterranean coast, arriving in Kinburn does not actually go through an acclimatization period. The sea here is clean and warm, which is very suitable for a baby who sits in the water for hours. The peninsula has a sandy coastal strip that does not injure children’s feet. That is why a holiday on the Black Sea Kinburn Spit will be pleasant and useful for children of almost any age, up to newborns.


The organization of food for the child is a responsible issue for any mother. Recreation center Larina Dacha in Kinburn, Pokrovka village, offers homemade food, dishes from fresh, familiar products, grown or obtained in our usual natural conditions. Which in turn minimizes the risks of food poisoning or allergies. Also, this is a great opportunity for mom to relax from the kitchen.


The water of the Black Sea is in many ways unique in its composition. It contains more than 90 chemical elements that have a beneficial effect on the human body. Even the air here is healing! The sea breeze and the breeze, which significantly mitigate the summer heat, constantly bring new portions of phytoncides from the steppes and bromine iodine ions from the sea. This mix provides an overall health effect, alleviates the condition of SARS, chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract and allergic reactions.

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