Travel to Kinburn Spit by car through the village Heroysk

Travel to Kinburn Spit by car through the village Heroysk, along the Dnieper estuary. This is exactly the case when there is still some asphalt left around the pits. It is necessary to go on an all-wheel drive SUV. Two types of drivers can move comfortably on this road: on UAZ. The way to the wild places of Kinburn Spit lies through the difficult sandy roads, which without knowledge of the terrain and in the dark it is better not to stumble. You can arrange in advance with a heroic guide and he will show you the best places on the Kinburn Peninsula. And also a great place to relax on Kinburnsky peninsula will be Larina Dacha.

Pine forest


And here is a pine forest right on the shores of the Black Sea.

The Kinburn Peninsula, or Kinburn, is part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. It is forbidden to put up tents here.

In this fabulous place you wake up to the sounds of the sea and forest at the same time, dive into the clear sea water and see a dolphin swimming near the shore. Dolphins often swim to the wild Black Sea beaches.

As in the case of the road here from the Heroic, to explore the peninsula and not get stuck somewhere in the sand requires knowledge of the area and all-wheel drive. We agreed with an employee of the reserve that he would arrange a tour of the peninsula. According to a local hunter in Kinburn, there is nothing unique of its kind in Ukraine, but all this has been preserved in one deserted place.

In addition to a variety of birds and animals listed in the Red Book, there is still a real relict forest. These are forests that have preserved their appearance since ancient times.


And this forest was still in the days of ancient Greece. Very suddenly in the middle of the southern steppe, the sea are these jungles. And the peninsula ends with a beautiful, as if painted by the artist’s brush, spit that separates the Black Sea from the Dnieper estuary. You can get on the spit without all these trips by car, as we sailed here by boat from the city of Ochakiv. This is one of the best options for a beach holiday.

Pink lake

The main attraction of Kinburn is located at the very beginning, near the village of Heroyske – the pink lake in southern Ukraine. It is in order to look at the salt mines on Kinburn live, we made our way by car on the way to Heroic, but you can sail immediately on the spit on a boat. According to one version, this is where the legendary Milky Way began and before, salt was indeed mined here. Through special channels, water was run into separate sections and left to evaporate, which would then collect the crystals and sell them to fishermen and hunters.

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