Mud lakes on the Black Sea Kinburn Spit

Kinburn Spit is located between Yahorlytska Bay with salt water and the fresh Dnieper-Bug estuary. It separates the open sea from the waters of the estuary. Due to its unique natural resources, this resort is a favorite place for recreation and health of many Ukrainians. Kinburn Spit has a unique microclimate. The winds of the Black Sea regulate the weather here, and the Azov climate makes it milder. There are about 500 different medicinal plants, there are lakes with mud, bathing in which has a healing effect.

Treatment on mud lakes: benefits and contraindications

In total, Kinburn has about 400 salt and freshwater lakes of various sizes. Among them are lakes with therapeutic mud. Procedures using water and clay from reservoirs contribute to the treatment of joint diseases and osteochondrosis.

Not far from the hotel Larina Dacha are large lakes of the nun Turtle, and to the north – the National Nature Park and many small salt marshes. There are also lakes from which salt is extracted. Bathing in them helps to get rid of skin diseases.

In some local lakes, the water has an extremely beautiful bright pink color, which is due to the presence of a very useful for the skin algae Dunaliella saline. This is where vacationers bring fantastic pictures that collect a lot of likes on social networks.

The only downside that upsets visitors is that the healing black sulfide mud loses its properties during transportation and storage. Therefore, you can use it and get the effect only on the spot.

Contraindications to a trip to the therapeutic mud:

Exacerbation of chronic diseases, bleeding, recovery from serious injuries, the presence of benign or malignant tumors, blood diseases, renal, heart or liver failure, heart disease, infectious diseases, endocrinopathy.

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