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You don’t have to go abroad for impressions! Unique natural parks, breathtaking landscapes, magnificent palaces – we have all this in Ukraine!

The village of Pokrovka.

How to get there: car, boat.

Address: Pokrovka village, Nikolaev region.

Nearby cities: Nikolaev, Ochakov.

National Nature Park: Kinburn Peninsula

Tourist infrastructure: private estates, tourist centers, camping sites.

It is possible to organize a safari tour around the climatic zones of the park.

Bird watching.

Weekend travel, vacation.

Green tourism is very popular with tourists. Kinburnskaya Spit National Natural Park “Beloberezhie Svyatoslav”. The Kinburn Spit is a real lost world, with nature preserved in its original form, a wonderful place for green tourism. On the one hand, it is washed by the Black Sea, on the other – by the Dnieper-Bug estuary, the land is covered with pine forest and forbs. Here grow: thyme, St. John’s wort, many species of mint, valerian, chamomile, sandy immortelle, centaury and many other herbs. More than 400 species of herbaceous plants grow on the spit. The Kinburn Spit is a habitat for birds and waterfowl. Here you can meet the egret, white stork, swans, pelicans. Boletus, green leaves and porcini mushrooms grow in the pine forest. In the forests you can find a roe deer, a hare, a wild boar, a wolf, a fox. Fans of green tourism and recreation on the Kinburn Spit will love these places.

White coast Svyatoslav

35 thousand hectares of wild white beaches. Reserve of steppes and lakes. This is all one of the most ancient islands in Ukraine and the world. Svyatoslav’s Beloberezhye awaits us today.

The White Coast, or more common as the White Coast: this is how the Kinburn Spit was called in ancient times. Historians say the legendary Achilles ran along this coast, the coast of the Kinburn Peninsula. But the name Svyatoslav, he was given by the Kiev prince. I loved the place so much that at the beginning of the 10th century, returning from one of the hikes, I spent the whole winter here.

Now, most of the Kinburn Peninsula is a huge semi-wild park. And local guides confidently call it unique.

Open beaches here are 20 kilometers of clean coast. There are separate areas of the sea and steppe. and forests and lakes. But to find such an area where all this can be seen in a small area, it is quite difficult. But probably.
The area is large. And if you are not athletic Achilles forces, then it is better to rent a car or a boat. This is a bird’s paradise. Whether the most lively part of the park is smooth. 300 hectares of bog branches. Here are herons, pelicans, and swans. And to make it easier to spy on them, the workers equipped this area with observation towers.

Fields, swamps, many clean, transparent lakes, and then a forest-desert. That nature was joking, or decided to show all the beautiful at once. It is as if the forest was cut out of one card and put on another. Locals say that this forest has been here for a very long time, since the time of Herodotus. The father of history Herodotus called this place Gilley – an old sacred Scythian grove. So he wrote about him. We did not find traces of the worship of the Scythian gods. But is this a completely different climate? A real oasis, humidity, thickets of ferns, almost lianas.

And we advise you to feel this contrast yourself. Moreover, the park is now quite lively. Several villages. Tourist bases. But no, on the Black Sea coast you will be offered campsites.
The holiday season in this natural diversity is twice as long.
Plan and go.

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