ларина дача

Green tourism from spring to autumn in Ukraine

Green tourism base – Larina Dacha

On the question “where to rest in the Kherson region?” most often respond to the sea. Indeed, the Kherson region is the only one in Ukraine where there are two seas – the Black and the Azov (some argue that even three, reckoning Lake Sivash in this list because of its large size and useful properties), and the list of resorts contains something choose.

On the street it is September, the high season is coming to an end – and the velvet season begins, which pleases one with its pleasant name. At this stage, most of them have completed the “go to the sea” point, and more and more tourists are attracted by the possibilities of green tourism. We invite you to the Black Sea, the Kinburn Spit – to the base of green tourism – Larina Dacha.

Although, in fairness, let’s say that going to the sea in autumn is much more pleasant than in hot summer. But this is already a matter of taste. The main thing is that you and I have the opportunity to choose – after all, green tourism in the Kherson region is also presented very richly and diversely.

Rest on the basis of green tourism

Rest on the basis of green tourism Larina Dacha in the village of Pokrovka is not a place where there are many tourists. Here is a calming and relaxing environment that is especially needed by city dwellers. It is good here in summer, autumn and spring, many people prefer to come to Kinburn for the May holidays, to relax with friends in such conditions. This is great for families and groups.

Pokrovka is especially rich in green tourism bases, where they are comfortably located near forests, lakes, the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Black Sea. Both fans of fishing and those who are indifferent to it love to spend their leisure time here – after all, the places are really picturesque, where you can just relax, relax your soul. The cognitive aspect of leisure is not forgotten either: at many bases, such as at the Larina Dacha green tourism recreation center, fascinating excursions are held, where you can learn a lot of interesting things about the nature, terrain, culture and customs of the region, make an excellent photo session. Apart from the Black Sea, lakes, estuaries, forests on the Kinburn Spit, there are picturesque steppes where numerous birds and animals live. Nature, clean air and fresh food do their job – you return to the city happy and rested.

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