Pokrovskaya spit

Quiet, remote from civilization place with nature, which preserves the pristine appearance. Sandy Pokrovskaya Spit is one of the biggest obstacles to valuable natural complexes, which belongs to the protected areas. Yahorlytska Bay is a part of wetlands of international importance. Located in the western part of the Kinburn Peninsula, on the outskirts of the village. Pokrovka, between Yahorlytsky Bay and the Black Sea.

Its area is about 600 hectares. Here relatively in good condition preserved coastal psammophytic and saline natural complexes.

Place of mass nesting and concentration of birds during seasonal migrations and wintering. Supports the existence of many rare species of birds, in particular, Kulik long-legged, white-tailed eagle, pink pelican and other species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

Species of plants protected at the national and global levels grow on the spit: World Red List – 1 (rye), European Red List – 3 (corneal, crossbill, goatee), Red Book of Ukraine – 1 (yellow cat), Berne Convention – 1 (Beetroot), the Red list of the Nikolaev area – 1 (Eryngium sea).

Despite the conservation status, the territory of the Pokrovskaya Spit undergoes a certain anthropogenic transformation, direct and indirect. The first is expressed in the recreational load – vacationers regularly come here.

The second in the mass expansion on the spit of invasive infested plants – narrow-leaved sucker. Penetration of this species provides a significant transformation of ecotypes, for example, contributes to eutrophic soil contamination, as well as forms an unnatural shadow.

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