Kinburn Spit: the nearest recreation center to the sea

Many have heard about the purity of the sea, the amazing beauty of nature and the picturesque places of the Kinburn Spit. All those who seek solitude with nature and rest from everyday routine and bustle seek here. Here vacationers expect mostly calm and measured rest.

When choosing a place to live, many focus on the price range. The cost of renting a home on Kinburn Spit depends on many factors, including the category of rooms and the availability of amenities, food, entertainment, additional services, service. However, the location of a recreation center or mini-hotel on the Kinburn Peninsula is equally important. Walking a few kilometers on dry loose sand is an unpleasant pleasure.

The closest to the coast recreation centers on Kinburn Spit are considered the most popular and sought after. During the season, the demand for rental of such housing is growing rapidly. For this reason, many hotels and resorts offer an early booking service. In addition, early booking suggests more interesting rental prices.

Recreation center on Kinburn Spit

Where to find such a mini-hotel or recreation center on the territory of Kinburn Spit, so that living there left only the best memories? Larina Dacha is the best recreation center on the entire Kinburn Peninsula. This is how regular guests say about our mini-hotel.

Recreation center “Larina Dacha” has a convenient location. Distance from the sea is not more than 1.2 km. It is possible to overcome such distance in 15-20 minutes, having chosen a quiet and measured step. As the road to the sea runs along the grove and fields where wild orchids and wildflowers grow, such a walk will benefit the body and a lot of positive emotions.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to take bright and extraordinarily beautiful shots in photos of exotic orchids and mullet lakes with sea water. A quiet walk at a leisurely pace in the fresh air to the sea will be to everyone’s liking.

The location of the recreation center “Larina Dacha” is considered one of the most convenient. If you are still watching a seaside resort on Kinburn Spit, give us a call. We boldly declare: once you have a rest in “Larina Dacha”, you will become our regular customer!