Ecotourism in Ukraine is the village of Pokrovka

Ecotourism. The meaning is the same – you go to the countryside, closer to nature, and live for pleasure: catch a fish, read a favorite book in a hammock, collect mushrooms, berries, cook soup … It is not necessary to carry a tent! Fortunately, rural tourism is actively developing in Ukraine. And here, look, the estate in the middle of the wood, and it is not necessary to take care of a life in general! Question: which direction to choose? Mountains, plains or maybe closer to the sea?

Recreation center of green tourism “Larina Dacha” in the Nikolaev area

It is necessary to depart only a little from Nikolaev and here it is – green tourism in all beauty! At the recreation center Larina Dacha you will forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and plunge into the magical world … orchids, fields with weeds, mullet lakes with sea water, warm sea areas, spacious beaches with white, clean sand and blue expanses of the Black Sea, untouched by civilization nature.

You will find a cozy, quiet family vacation with homemade food from fresh rural products. The territory has a large number of greenery and trees: acacias, willows, olives. The star of the recreation center – a cat, friendly, charming and calm, behaves like a real “professional” to entertain guests.

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