Pokrovka Ochakov District

Pokrovka – a village in Ukraine, in the Ochakov district of the Nikolaev region. The village is located on the Kinburn Peninsula, 30 km southeast of Ochakovo and 96 km from the nearest railway station Nikolaev. The population is 229 people.

At the beginning of the XIX century. the village existed in the form of farms, the names of which came from the names of the founders – Borodinivka, Morozovka, Perederiovka, Kovalevka, Chimilivka. These names still remain. According to tradition, the village population is concentrated in three places – at the Yagorlitsky Bay of the Black Sea (most), at the Dnieper-Bug estuary and in the suburbs of the destroyed Kinburn fortress.

1870, in the village Pokrovka had 140 yards, residents had 6502.7 tithes of land. Arable land amounted to 649 acres, 3458 – pastures. An important fishery was fishing. Caught beluga, sturgeon, flounder, mullet, mackerel (troublemaker). Pokrovchians fished at sea on the scows for several people. Each had a cook who cooked food. The working day on the scows began at sunrise. If the catch was rich on the mast, a robe or basket was hung out – this was a signal that women and children, waiting on the shore, would prepare to take nets faster and get the fish out. From June to October, salt breaking continued in salt lakes, which were worked not only by men, but also by women and children. Back in the XIX century. a large mullet farm of 15 sq. m. was created on mullet lakes km It was a system of natural lakes connected by artificial and natural canals with the Yagorlytsky Gulf. The condition of the channels was monitored by the grandfathers intended by the community. The canals were cleaned with special wooden devices, dragged oxen on both sides of the canal. 150-200 centners of mullet were caught annually from Pokrovsky lakes.

Nature and ecology of the village of Pokrovka

Kinburn Spit is a unique corner of wildlife, in which – more than a thousand different types of plants, 3965 ha of forest stands. There are 250 shallow fresh and salt lakes covered with sedge and reeds, which creates favorable conditions for nesting, resting and wintering of wild waterfowl. Volozhin Forest – a part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve – is located on an area of ​​203 hectares. In the reserve since 1937. On Kinburn Spit you can see the largest wild orchid fields in Europe. In the regional landscape park there are 2 types of these flowers. On the Kinburn Spit, there are several dozen of them per square meter. On the part of the territory of the spit, the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was created, where birds – white herons, swans, black-headed gulls, pheasant, gray partridges, ducks, and valuable animals – deer, chamois, are protected. In 1971, by decision of the Nikolaev Oblast Executive Committee, the Kinburn Spit was declared a state reserve.

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