Peninsula Yagorlytsky Kut

Yagorlytsky (Egorlytsky) Kut – a peninsula in the northern part of the Black Sea, within the Kherson region of Ukraine. It is washed by the Yagorlytsky Gulf from the north and the west, by the Tendrovsky Gulf from the south. The western part of the peninsula (5540 ha) is part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. In 1959-1994, most of the peninsula was a training ground for the Black Sea Fleet air forces – the Free Port aviation range (all-Union significance). After the landfill was liquidated, 4,700 hectares from the landfill lands were annexed to the Yagorlytsky Kut site of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve.

Prior to the organization of the training ground on the peninsula, the fishing village of Svobodny Port was located. In 1959, the village was evicted. Now in this place is the cordon “Free Port” of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. The Yagorlytsky Peninsula (Kut) is by no means a sandy spit and not an accumulative form. The soil is chestnut, lays brown Sarmatian clay. The area of ​​the peninsula is approximately 10.5 thousand ha. The zonal version of the coastal halophilic fescue-wormwood steppe. In the coastal zone there are salt marshes, puffy salt licks. Historically, the peninsula is part of a huge economy – sheep breeding. Beautiful pastures. In the 20s – 60s of the XX century – the state farm “Karakulexport”, 60-90s – the state farm “Krasnoznamensky”. In the 80s in the summer, up to 100 thousand sheep were grazed.

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