Kinburn Peninsula

The mainland of the Dnieper from the Kinburn Peninsula is separated only by a three-kilometer isthmus. This is a completely different ecosystem. There are many salt lakes, which in the past were the source of salt extraction. The Kinburn Peninsula is a peninsula located in the south of Ukraine in the Black Sea. It is administratively part of the Nikolaev and Kherson regions. The peninsula is about 40 kilometers long, 8-10 km wide. Three small settlements are located on the peninsula, with about 800 permanent residents. Coordinates 31 ° 51′45.95 ″ E 46 ° 29′30.3 ″ N


On the Kinburn Peninsula, there are about 200 lakes with salt and fresh water. There are lakes with healing mud. It has several salt-producing lakes. The past century, Chumaks came here for salt, as evidenced by the Chumatsky songs. Today, every home has a sufficient supply of iodine salt from these lakes. Salt has weak antiseptic properties, prevents the development of putrefactive bacteria. The daily rate per person should be up to 4 grams, and in hot climates – at least 10 grams.

The Kinburn Peninsula is a favorite habitat for waterfowl. Here you can admire the stork, heron, pelican, swan. On the way of bird migration, this is a great place on the way of feeding and resting. Due to the fact that on the one hand the Kinburn Peninsula is washed with sea water, and on the other – the Dnieper peninsula, a peculiar microclimate is created under which many medicinal herbs are rampant. Kinburn is sometimes called an open-air pharmacy. Here they grow: thyme, St. John’s wort, many types of mint, valerian, chamomile, immortelle, centaury and many other herbs. In total, more than 500 species of herbaceous plants grow on the peninsula.

It is good to relax here. Pure sea air and the lack of human activity create a sense of harmony with nature. The lack of civilization is the main sign of autonomous survival. This is what attracts new tourism. At the seaside, the oak is green, the golden chain on the oak is … who does not know the lines of the great poet A.S. Pushkin. Few people know that the seashore is not a myth at all, and not a made-up country, but a real place. While in Ukraine, in Ochakovo, Pushkin saw a fabulous nature in its beauty, a strip of land curved like a beam covered with oak groves in the blue sea. Here it is the onion, Kinburn Spit, long hair as the Scythians called it.

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