Jagorlice Bay

Yagorlytsky Bay is a shallow bay in the northern part of the Black Sea. Located between the Kinburn Peninsula and the Yagorlytsky Kut Peninsula. In turn, the peninsula separates the Yagorlytsky Gulf from the Tendrovsky Gulf. Washes the coast of Nikolaev (Ochakovsky district) and Kherson regions (Golopristansky district). In Türkic, “Gyaurlyk” means “the road of the infidels.” Cossacks on the shores of the Yagorlytsky Gulf mined salt and often disturbed the Turks.

The length of the Yagorlytsky Gulf is 26 km, the width near the entrance to the Tendrovsky Gulf is 15 km. The bay freezes only in harsh winters. The Bay is partially separated from the Black Sea by the Dolgy and Krugly Islands. The direction of the currents in the Yagorlytsky Bay depends both on the winds and on the currents characteristic of the Black Sea, in general, and in particular, on the currents heading from the Dnieper Estuary.

The Yagorlytsky Gulf cuts deep into the Kinburn Peninsula; it is separated from the Dnieper estuary by a narrow (from 4 to 9 km) strip of sea sand deposits. The depth of the bay is quite diverse – in the middle its depth reaches 5 m, at the entrance to the bay 3 m. In many places, the bottom is covered with silt and overgrown with cushion and kamka (a long ribbon-like grass growing from the bottom). Closer to the coast, the bottom is sandy with a shell.

The shores of the gulf consist of sea sand and shell sediments, dotted with countless small oblong salt lakes that need to be considered the remains of the sea and the gulf. The Yagorlytsky Gulf, by the nature of its shores and bottom, and also due to its secluded position, serves as a very attractive place for sturgeons, beluga, stellate sturgeon, glossy and other fish that cannot tolerate very salty sea water. These fish find abundant food here in the thickets of the bottom and coasts, where a mass of all kinds of living creatures develops. The coast of the bay is part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. Part of the water area of ​​the Yagorlytsky Gulf is part of the Yagorlytsky Reserve (established in 1974).


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