ларина дача

Green tourism in Ukraine

Today, a variety of recreation, such as green tourism, is becoming increasingly popular, especially among residents of megacities. Green tourism (its other names are rural, agrarian, ecological tourism), by definition, rest in the countryside.

  It’s no secret to anyone, the ecological situation in the cities leaves much to be desired. We, citizens, using all the benefits of civilization, must pay for this pleasure with our health. Therefore, breaking out of a noisy and dusty city for at least a couple of weeks, living in harmony with nature, breathing fresh air, eating only natural and fresh products, drinking spring water and fresh milk seems to be a paradise on earth for many. That’s why they go to the village. Here everything is its own, grown by caring ownerly hands, tasty and healthy. And let the word “Without GMOs” not be written on an apple or a pear that you plucked from a tree, your inner instinct will tell you that it is natural, the way it should be.

    The recreation center “Larina Dacha” in the village of Pokrovka, Ochakovsky District is a cozy, relaxing family vacation with homemade food made from fresh rural products. At the base you will find a large number of greenery and trees: acacia, willow, olives. The star of the recreation center is the Maclay cat, friendly, charming and calm, behaving like a real “professional” in entertaining guests. Also nearby is the Kinburn Spit Reserve, the Black Sea. The hotel’s remoteness from civilization and neighbors will make your vacation truly calm and primitive. Sitting in the evening by the fire, under the bright southern stars, listening to the sound of the sea, you will feel complete unity with nature.

  Someone will say, why go to the village, if you can relax in the country? Indeed, we can agree with this, if, firstly, you have this very summer cottage, secondly, it is located in an ecologically clean area, and thirdly, if the rest in the country will be as full and interesting as in the village. Green tourism opens up new opportunities. Citizens go to villages or farms to live a completely different life. This is a return to the source. The beauty of rural landscapes, the proximity of rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, the absence of stress and bustle, a healthy diet favorably affect a person, strengthen him both spiritually and physically. This is one of the benefits of green tourism.

  In addition, green tourism also includes a cognitive element. Tourists get acquainted with rural traditions and culture, folk crafts and crafts. Green tourism is not only contemplation, but also an active part in the life of the village. Tourists lead a rural lifestyle. They live in cozy estates, pick mushrooms and berries, go hunting and fishing, if they wish, they can learn to ride a horse, etc. Also, tourists take part in folk rites and festivities.

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